JERSEYVILLE - There is nothing better than a warm, mouth-watering pizza on a cold winter day. Residents are in luck, the new The Pizza Crew, at 807 State Highway 16 in Jerseyville, opened its doors on December 21, 2020. The Pizza Crew opened in what used to be the home of “Pig on a Wing” location in the current Hansen Packing Building.

Owner of the business, Ryan Hansen and his partner, Steve Walker, knew this was the perfect location for their new pizza business. It was already set up for a fast, casual, pickup restaurant. All they needed was the equipment, and what made the location choice even easier was that Hansen already owned the empty space.

“Steve and I started 'The Pizza Crew' because we both had a love for pizza and wings," Hansen said. "We felt there wasn't anyone around making those two popular food items the way we liked. The concept has always been centered around sharing an awesome product at a price that is very affordable. I brought the idea to Steve in late July and we worked for over six months just trying to perfect the product. We are very proud of what we offer our new 'Pizza Crew' customers.

“There is NO other pizza place that offers hand-made toppings from Hansen Meat Co. We make our own dough, sauce and shred our own cheese. You will not find a national food distributor's truck at our door with pre-made, boxed ingredients. Steve also prepares huge salads daily and we have a great list of appetizers to take home too.”

The Pizza Crew’s signature items are Deluxe & Butcher Block Pizza and definitely Steve's Signature House Chicken Wings.

The Pizza Crew couldn’t be possible without Hansen Packing which is a staple in the Jerseyville community. This year will make for 69 years in business. It is a third generation, family owned business. Bill and Sissy were the founders, Dave and Paula were the second-generation owners, and now Ryan and Kayla are currently the owners.

“Currently, our business model is focused on our two, retail meat shops: Hansen Packing in Jerseyville and Hansen Meat Co in Alton. Back in 2006, when I came to work full-time in the family business, I wanted to create a retail division for our company. Up to this point, Hansen Packing Co, inc had only focused on wholesale deliveries and custom processing for local families. In May 2007, we opened up our first retail market located at our property in Jerseyville and named it after my grandpa's nickname, "Good Buddy's Meat Market," said Hansen.

Things went very well in the years to follow for the Hansen Family Business, so they expanded into a much larger space in Jerseyville in 2013.

"In 2015, we opened our first satellite location in Alton, Hansen Meat Co. which is located next to the Old Bakery Beer Company," Ryan Hansen said. "That location is approaching its sixth anniversary in June.

"Hansen Packing Co. still delivers to more than 40 wholesale customers each week in the local area," he added. "However, our main business focus is to drive business to our two retail meat shops. We are famous for our more than 75 Hansen Meat Products that you cannot find at any other retailer. This list includes Grand Champion Brats, signature pork patties, chicken & steak kabobs and much more."

Hours of operation for The Pizza Crew are: 3-8 p.m. Monday-Saturday.

For more information and delicious specials follow @thepizzacrew on Facebook and visit to learn more!

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