Miles DavisThe Miles Davis Memorial Project is actively fundraising this Christmas Season for the creation of a Miles Davis sculpture to be placed on Third Street in our historic downtown business/entertainment district. The sculpture will be placed on a musical inspired plaza that was designed by Barry Moyer and Mick Monahan. The bricks and blocks will be laid in the design of a music staff and the statue will stand on a music note.

The project recognizes the musical and artistic genius of Miles Davis and the fact he was born in Alton, Illinois. This fact is part of our history and Miles Davis made his own history as a world renown musician and celebrity. He died more than 20 years ago, but his presence remains with his music, books, paintings and drawings. He left a huge body of work that spanned almost 50 years and made more than 100 albums. His “Kind of Blue” album is still the biggest selling jazz album of all time. Recently it was announced that a long awaited movie called “Kill the Trumpet Player” will start filming in June 2014. Oscar winner, Don Cheadle will be both the star and director.

The Alton Museum of History & Art recently hosted a community informational meeting concerning the project and another public meeting is to be hosted by Russ Smith at the Bossanova in late January. Details will soon be announced. Also, mark your calendars for March 22nd, 2014 for a Miles Davis “Kind of Blue Tie” jazz-themed fundraising dinner at the Commons on Lewis & Clark Campus.

We are still in need of your support and you can become a part of this exciting project by purchasing memorial bricks and blocks. What a perfect Christmas gift! You can permanently place your name, family names, business logos or musical messages on a memorial stone that will surround a beautiful bronze sculpture. Families and organizations may consider sharing the cost of a block. The 4x8 inch brick is $75 and the 12x12 inch granite block is $400. Special package rates are available beginning with $500 donations and up. To order or make a donation, please contact Pat or Heather by calling Pride, Incorporated at 618-467-2375. Go on-line at then click on Miles Davis to make a credit card donation through PayPal. You can also print the brick and block forms from the site.

When completed, this project will truly be a community supported accomplishment. The Miles Davis Steering Committee wants to take this opportunity to thank all of the committee members, and the individual and corporate donors who have committed to this project. Supporting the arts naturally improves communities.

We wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and safe and prosperous New Year!

Steering Committee of the Miles Davis Memorial Project:   Patricia Ackman
Joan Sheppard
John Barnerd
Gary Ayres
      Karen Wilson
Leo Cox
Bill Moyer
Madalene Wills

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