The Madison County Child Advocacy Center founded in 2003 is located in Wood River, Illinois. Our center is one of 39 Child Advocacy Centers in the state of Illinois dedicated to making a difference in the lives of child victims of abuse. By coordinating and communicating with a team of law enforcement, child protection investigators, State's Attorney's office and medical & mental health professionals it is the mission of the Center to conduct a single forensic interview to minimize trauma to the child after abuse is reported. The Madison County Child Advocacy Center provides a format to encourage communication from all parties and to work as a team in the best interest of the child victims it serves.

The Madison County Child Advocacy Center is excited to welcome Jennifer Haberer as a Forensic Interviewer. Jennifer is a 2009 graduate of SIUE with a Bachelor of Arts in Social Work and continued her education which now includes a MSW (Masters) in the field of Social Work. Jennifer interned at Anderson Hospital in the social work division during her undergraduate studies and through an internship with the Madison County Child Advocacy Center, Jennifer has been training and building her forensic interviewing skills for the last 9 months. Jennifer will undergo extensive and intensive protocol training called Finding Words in Springfield, Missouri. This training will allow Jennifer to conduct non-leading, child focused, developmentally appropriate, and culturally sensitive interviews for the child victims she serves.

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