Stan A manmade snow model of the Incredible Hulk is an attraction for motorists passing by at Stan "Luke" Harris' home in the 3900 block of Seminary Road in Alton.

It seems nearly every vehicle that drives by either honks or stops to see what Harris has conjured up in his front yard. Colder temperatures on Thursday helped preserve the snow Hulk for another day.

The Hulk in Harris’ front yard is about 8 feet tall and consists of snow and a touch of green and dark-colored spray paint.

Harris is known as a man with a chainsaw, who does a considerable amount of wood carving around the area.

Harris said it was pretty simple how he built the Incredible Hulk in his front yard: “I have a skid loader and I gathered a bunch of snow and smacked it down. I used a shovel, a garden trowel and spray paint to finish the rest. It did become a little compressed as it warmed up yesterday and melted some.”

Area children inspire Harris to come up with his front-yard creations.

“School buses come by all the time and the kids get a kick out of whatever I am carving,” he said. “I do something every year. I have done lions, tigers and bears. This time I saw a little statue of the Hulk in a toy store and that inspired me to do it.”

The skid loader will build snow up to 13 feet and by the time it compresses it is reduced down to what would be considered “Hulk” size.

The television show, “The Incredible Hulk,” appeared from 1977 to 1982, starring Lou Ferrigno as the character. Ferrigno was a massive, award-winning body builder and a perfect fit for the role.

Harris’ nickname is “Luke” and many people only know him by that. He worked at Alton Steel until it closed, then that led him into the wood carving business where he has made quite a name for himself.

He said for area children, the last four or five years he has done a couple snow creations per year.

Next, he may build a snow bear standing on a rock pulling a bass out of the water, so people need to stay tuned.

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