Bewitching Botanicals in Auburn has desserts for dogs - PUPCAKES! The cake part of my special treat, presented by Evelyn herself, was made of carrots and bacon, with a peanut butter-based frosting, topped with a Milk Bone!THANKSGIVING FOR YOUR DOG - WHAT NOT TO SHARE

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By Magnum the Doberman

Thanksgiving is almost here and without a doubt, you will have leftovers.

Thanksgiving is also about sharing, and you may be inclined to “pass the potatoes” to your pooch. That’s all well and good, but please remember, not every dish is dog-friendly. So if you don’t want to put your furry family member in intestinal distress, and/or clean up dog vomit or even more nasty bodily emissions, make sure your dog’s plate agrees with his tummy. Here are some tips for you.

Pure mashed potatoes are totally fine for your dog to enjoy. However, odds are that your Thanksgiving taters have some additives that make them oh-so-creamy and delicious. Common ingredients like garlic and dairy are no-good for your pup's digestive tract, according to the ASPCA. Excessive amounts of salt are also a big no-no. So you may want to skip on the potatoes.

You've probably fed your dog bread before, and he seemed fine. Like most things, small amounts won't hurt him. However, feeding him a whole roll could lead to painful bloating, stomach twisting, or other life-threatening complications. The ASPCA explains that yeast dough — even when baked — can continue to rise in a dog's stomach. This is painful and can cause some serious issues.

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Green beans in general are very good for a dog - especially if they are a bit overweight. They are wholesome and filling, with low calories. But the traditional green bean casserole contains onions. Onions are not good for dogs. Digesting onions can lead to serious red blood cell damage, so it's better to avoid the issue altogether.

What about stuffing? At its core, stuffing is just fancy bread. Dogs shouldn't eat this for all of the same reasons they should refrain from feasting on yeast dough. But the risks don't end there. Stuffing sometimes contains other ingredients that pose serious problems for dogs - like macadamia nuts and raisins, which are considered to be toxic for canines.

Ice Cream? Like humans, every dog's tolerance to dairy is a little different. But since their stomachs aren't as used to it, it is far more likely to cause problems. If you want to feed your dog some pumpkin pie, skip the à la mode.

Definitely do not give your dog anything with garlic. Garlic is a delicious addition to pretty much anything but it’s best to keep it away from your dog. In addition to garlic breath, it could end him up at the vet, which no one has time for on Thanksgiving.

Can you give your dog turkey? Yes, you can! However, make sure it is just meat. Skip the skin. All of that fat and seasoning is dangerous for dogs. The fat content can cause pancreatitis, and the seasonings can irritate your dog's stomach. Also, although turkey bones are flimsier and easier to swallow than other bones, bird bones splinter easily, and they can pierce your dog's stomach or cause them to choke.

Cranberry Sauce? According to the American Kennel Club, cranberries are fine for your doggo — on their own and in moderation. However, cranberry sauce is so delicious because it is highly concentrated and includes tons of sugar. Some cranberry sauce includes brandy, grapes, raisins, and currants, all of which are no-good for dogs.

What about dessert? Does your dog really need dessert? We already talked about ice cream. Dogs should not ingest any chocolate or any caffeine, grapes, raisins, or alcohol. If you really must provide dessert for your pooch, make it peanut butter, veggie or bacon-based. Pumpkin, banana, and sweet potatoes are okay, too (not sweet potatoes with brown sugar and marshmallows though).

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