On behalf of the Alton Beautification and Clean City Committee, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the many organizations and individuals that participated in the recent City-Wide Litter Cleanup.


Without the assistance of organizations like the Boys & Girls Club, Encounter, Pride, Brown Street Baptist Church, Allied Waste, Logo-It @ Langa, Jacoby Arts Center, Girl Scouts, Riverbender.com, 100 Black Men of Alton, Wild Trak Cycling Club, Greater Alton Community Development Corporation, Youth Build, Habitat for Humanity, Alton Weed & Seed Strategy, North Alton-Godfrey Business Council,  Saint Anthony’s Health Center, Alton Marketplace, Friends of Haskell, and many individual residents, the Cleanup would not have been a success.  I would also like to thank Mayor Tom Hoechst, Alderman Jim Ryan, and Alderman Michael Velloff for participating in the Cleanup.  Thanks to the work of these organizations and individuals, over 150 bags of litter were removed from Alton’s streets.

I would also like to recognize Thom DeGrand and the workers in the PACUP Program.  These individuals were responsible for gathering and disposing the bags of litter collected by the volunteers.  I don’t think most people recognize the importance of the PACUP Program, not just in picking up litter, but in the other services they provide to our community.

Lastly, I would like to thank The Telegraph, WBGZ Radio, Today’s Advantage, Riverbender.com, and the many businesses that promoted the Cleanup on their signs and bulletin boards.

The next City-Wide Litter Cleanup will be in September.  I invite everyone to join us for this event.  I also encourage residents and groups not to wait for the next Cleanup and to adopt areas in their neighborhoods to pickup litter on a regular basis.


Carolyn Gronemeier, Chairman

Alton Beautification and Clean City Committee

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