In a meeting late last week the Adult Advisory Committee of The Community Center  made some decisions with respect to membership and upcoming parties and dances.  The group which consists of about 15 regular attendees came to agreement on two key issues that have been a subject of debate for a while. 

RBCC DanceThe first issue was the fall schedule for dance parties.  Middle school and high school students both have been anxious to see the center set some regularly scheduled events.  Hentrich said “Though we have lots of different ideas and events we are planning we have finally agreed on a set schedule for our dances for the fall.” Based on feedback we have gotten from Barb Gillian (Principal of Alton High School) and our Teen Advisory Board (a group of about 15 students who meet weekly to discuss ideas on how to best run the center) we have decided on the following dance schedule for the next 4 months:

2nd Friday of Each Month (Sept  10th This Friday, Oct 8th, Nov 12th, and Dec 10th)
   6:00p to 8:30p Middle School Dance Party
   9:00p to 11:30p High School Dance Party

For additional information on these and other events being held at the center please visit   As soon as we have a large enough volunteer base to handle it, we will likely add the 4th Fridays of each month to our dance schedule.

Even though we are going to turn down the lights and turn up the DJ, students attending the party will still be able to enjoy all the that center has to offer.   The Video Games, The Movie Theater, The Internet Café, Ping Pong, Foosball, and all sorts of other things will keep everyone plenty busy.   If you get hungry Dawn Hentrich (and helpers) will be offering a wide variety of food, beverage, and snacks.

As for Membership Plans and Requirements…. For the safety of all those who attend it has been a goal from the start to require Membership ID Cards for entrance into the center.  The idea is that the membership ID cards, and the associated computer system, will help us enforce the rules of the center as well as improve communication between our staff, the parents, and the students.

Among other things, the computer system will keep track of attendance, entrance and exit times, any behavioral issues that could arise during a visit, emergency contact information, student photos, email addresses, and any other information that will help us manage a high level of security for the center.

If at any time a student does not follow the rules of the center or does not listen to warnings from chaperones, staff, or police officers they run the risk of losing their membership and being banned from the center.  We hope that this membership system and our 32 camera surveillance system make it clear to parents and students that we will have zero tolerance for inappropriate behavior.

The membership fee for one student will be $20 per year.  If you have more than one student in school (middle or high school ages) you can get a family membership for $30 per year. At this time there is no need for students K-5 to have a membership since they are not allowed in the center without a parent.  A schedule of family events will be forthcoming soon but again, at this time, no membership will be required for those events.

Starting at this Friday’s Dance we will begin to encourage membership ID cards.  If you have a membership card already you will enter the dance thru an express line were all you will have to do is scan your id and pay the $5 entrance fee.  If you do not have a membersh

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