Welcome to the World of Splash!

incredibly, as surprising as it sounds, a striking change in select food choices, aerobic exercises & weight training could work for you in the next 2 weeks, toning & sculpturing your body!

Are you game?




Gorge yourself on fresh fruits, berries, lots of vegetables, brown rice, whole grains,, nuts, seeds, lean meats.

And, remember to properly hydrate!

Consume refined carbohydrates, white rice, white potatoes, crackers, chips, pastries, sweets ---avoid fatty foods, in general!

Avoid "junk foods," i. e., foods with no nutrition, sugary soft drinks, juices, alcohol, or other spirits!


Enjoy 30 minutes of aerobic exercises every day!

Engage in prolonged sitting, being sedentary, being a "couch potato!"


Swimming, Bicycling, Jogging, Running or your favorite aerobic exercises!


Examine your body, weigh, measure, and set your goals, for the next 2 weeks!

Now, you are ready for some BODY SCULPTING!

Remember your goals!

To bulk your arms, forearms, biceps & triceps, it's suggested, in general terms, to use lighter hand weights while increasing the repetitions!

Note: Work with a professional trainer, do your own research, or ask a friend if you are not sure what's best for your body!


To "lean" your arms, use heavier weights, less repetitions!

To broaden your shoulders: Swimming, of course, Push-ups, Pull-ups, and start pulling those colorful elastic stretching bands to elongate and widen your Upper Body!

Best to find what works best for you!

Use good POSTURE!
And, consciously pull your stomach "in!"

Watch your waistline go down! Or is it trickery?



Since, this is only a 2 week deal, make the most of it! 
Don't let this heat & humidity give you an excuse to relapse on your workout or discourage you from getting started!

Do what you can do!

Don't be surprised if you feel a sense of euphoria within 3 days!!

Keep cool & walk!

Walking is fantastic to tone & shape your LOWER BODY!

No need to overdo!

Enjoy walking! Feel euphoric!

Medical Caution: As always, check with your medical team before making any changes in diet, fitness & weight training. Avoid injury, stay safe!


If you feel that this is right for you, start today! And in 2 weeks, RE-EVALUATE!!

Just remember! This is a 2 week rewarding program!

Seize the Day!

Holly Fairfield


Sources: "Tone your body in 2 Weeks! By E. How

Caveman Diet; Fight Fat in a Fortnight


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