In this heat, don't overlook the importance of Hydration!


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- It's Critical for Heart Health 
- to Clear the Lungs
- Promote Digestion 
- Revitalizes Brain tissue
- Nourishes Skin 
- Cleanses other Vital Organs
- to Eliminate waste
- to Stay Mentally Alert
- to Stay Physically Fit
- to Avoid Common Illness
- to Suppress Chronic Diseases
- Allow your body to Maintain `70 % water!

Just hitting the highlights!


We've all heard the "general rule of drinking 8 Cups of liquids, to stay healthy!

It's common knowledge, pretty much!

Nothing new!

But wait!

This is, increasingly, a debatable point!

Why 8 Cups, this couldn't work for everyone, we come in all different sizes!?

And, it doesn't work for everyone!


Whether, you are drinking `3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 & more Cups, of water, every day, how do you know for sure that you're properly HYDRATED?

Here's the best known GUIDELINE for knowing, when you're properly HYDRATED -

Take a look, after urinating, please!

If the urine is: Clear or slightly yellowish 
- You are HYDRATED, most probably!


Next time you Urinate!
Take a look, please!

If the URINE is: Dark yellow, cloudy, brownish, discolored - - you are DEHYDRATED, most probably!

Act! Get out of the sun, get comfortable indoors,Begin HYDRATING by drinking `1/2 to `1 Cups, water, suggested every `15 Minutes, even increments, continue throughout the day, until your urine clears!

MEDICAL CAUTION! Check for symptoms of DEHYDRATION, which are listed below!

Read on!

Emergency Rooms all over the U. S., are frequently bombarded with Dehydrated individuals, of all ages, esp. during the Spring & Summer months!

DEHYDRATION symptoms could include: Dizziness, extreme fatigue, change of body temperature, severe nausea unwarranted discoloring complexion, horrendous aches & pain, onset a chronic condition, which may need immediate medical attention!

If, the need is critical, best advice is to act!

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seek immediate medical assistance, call 9 - 1 - 1!

And, call a friend to accompany you, at all times!


RECOMMENDATION: As always, consult with your medical team, regarding the treatment, actions to be taking for HYDRATION & DEHYDRATION!


Plus, really important point: It's just as possible, to "over HYDRATE" yourself, as to "over water" a house plant!

If, you've ever "over watered" a house plant then, you know what to expect, what can happen? Your house plant can get "root rot" which can destroy it!

Stating it simply, we can over do it, "over water" our body's, too!

We could be, unknowingly, washing out vitamins, essential oils & minerals, throwing off the body's natural balance, jeopardizing our health!

We should really find what works best, for ourselves, our children, pets, vegetation & be vigilant about staying properly HYDRATED, for overall good health!


Splash-Tip: Keep in mind certain, liquids like your morning hot coffee, soft drinks, some juice drinks your evening cocktail will DEHYDRATE you!

May need to avoid certain "salty snacks!"

Interestingly, certain foods, i. e., watermelon is a natural diuretic! You should HYDRATE while eating watermelon, most probably!


Most medications, vitamins & herbal supplements require a specific amount of water, to work, absorb properly, into the system; Please read all labels!

Reminder: All "sport's & Juice drinks" are NOT created equal; Read the label, carefully!


There's an old saying "If you are thirsty, you are already DEHYDRATED!"

So, to be sure, drink-up, before your mouth is "spittin' cotton!"!

And, monitor yourself every time, throughout the day, to know, for sure, if you are properly HYDRATED!

Let's do embrace good health this Spring, by staying HYDRATED!

Seize the Day!

Holly Fairfield

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