"Color Blocking is the Hottest Fashion Rage!"

Welcome to the World of Summer-Splash!

Color blocking Fashion is getting more popular, more mainstream. But this concept has been around for a long time!

And in this heat & humidity, what to wear, looking fresh & fit is the goal!

Let's dive into a simple fashion Blocking Splash-Tip, involving 3 or 4 colors, usually, for best results!

Now, opposed to true layering, with color blocking, each color covers a different part, of the body, for the best visual effect!

It's a simple "dimensional" coloring concept!

For example: Visualize, for almost any body shape, a well-fitting red vest, light blue & white horizontal, thinly striped short sleeve T-shirt, blue jeans, brown loafers & thin brown leather belt!

The red vest will pop out at you, as 2 vertical frontal splashes of color, followed by the horizontal stripes, softening to the thin brown belt, blue jeans, as 2 vertical lower splashes of color, into brown loafers!

Play with this picture: Substitute the red vest, with a dark blue vest or, switch this picture to red jeans! It's totally different! And, may be overwhelming, visually, for certain body types!


Bright Colors that pop:

Red, Orange, Yellow, Hot Pink, White, Neons


Tan, Yellow, Aqua, Blue, Pink, Green, Lavender

Followed by receding colors:

Brown & Black, along with darker shades of other colors

(Just offering a short list!)


Now, considering "metallic colors, sequins, shiny fabrics, better play with it!

"Less can be more pleasing!"


More color combo's, to consider: 
Take a bright blue suit, with a white shirt, & a red tie!
Take a good look, take a visual picture!

It all pops!

There is nothing wrong with it!

But, if you were to match the same bright blue suit, with a off-white shirt, with a blue, white & yellow speckled tie, take another look!

Take a dark brown suit, tan shirt, with a striped tie!

Or, not?


Speedo "1 piece" swimming suits used color blocking. Speedo has some fabulous combos, using color blocking fashion, accentuating the shoulder line, giving most body type, a good look!!


Mix & match your color combinations, experiment with it & have some fun!

You know that, certain colors look better on yore body, build on that!

Be fit & look fit, this Summer, using Fashion Blocking, Splash-Tips!

Seize the Day!

Holly Fairfield

Primary Source: Jenna Bloomer


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