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"Ideally, your waist measurement should be less than half of your height." Dr. Oz

The 3rd Splash Beach-Body Fitness Secret is our ever-lovin' "WAISTLINES!"

"Can you pinch more than an inch?"

Apparently, there are significant health reasons to reduce our flabby tummy's!

And, a trim WAISTLINE makes a sexier angle in our beach wear, too! (Don't we know it?)

Let's dive right in!

Welcome to the World of Summer-Splash!
These simple exercises really work the WAISTLINE!

First Exercise: Splash-Slide

Stand with your feet comfortably together, using good POSTURE. then lightly place your palms on your thighs. Alternate sliding one palm toward to your knee as your slide that opposite arm, bending that elbow, palm towards under just below the shoulder joint. Feel the gentle stretch of your rib cage?

Try that, again, with the other arm!

Lift that elbow, maintaining contact with your body!
Ooh, feel that stretch!

Be sure, to remain upright!

Alternating arms, for several minutes, slow & easy!

Challenge: !

Move your feet wider apart & evenly, as you continue the Splash- Slider!

Now, apply pressure inwardly, towards your middle, in both palms & grip "gently" with your finger tips, too!

Let your knees bend, gently & naturally with the movement.

As you are sliding your palm downward to your knee, finger tips working; Allow your head & neck to relax, off to the side, bending, lifting that opposite elbow,, gently relaxing into alignment, increasing the total stretch of the WAISTLINE!

Work both sides "evenly!"

Vary the stance & play with it, to work different areas of your middle, your WAISTLINE!

Try doing the Splash-Slider" everyday, for a few minutes; Work up to several minutes daily, over this Summer. Don't make yourself "too sore, this week!

Second Exercise:
The Helicopter!

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Stand with your feet fairly wide apart; Swing your arms at shoulder height, from side to side; Crossing your mid-line.

It's referred to the movement of a helicopter, twisting at your WAISTLINE!

Let's get more of our body in the act!
(Want to?)

Move your feet closer. But, keep a few inches in between your feet, toes forward & knees relaxed.

As you begin, use your eyes to initiate the movement, the gentle swinging starts with your eyes looking to the side, then towards the back. Let your shoulders move freely, twisting at your WAISTLINE!

Reverse the Helicopter, by using your eyes to initiate the movement, to go to the opposite side!
Repeat several times, as often as you like!
Stay relaxed & let it flow freely!

Just don't "ever" force the movement; Focus on your alignment & WAISTLINE!

#3 Reach for the Stars!

Feet comfortably together; Hands on top of shoulders; Work one side, one arm at a time. And, Reach up to the stars!

Be sure to "exhale" while reaching, squeezing & pressing your bellybutton towards your spine!
Let your arms & WAISTLINE do all the work!

Maintain good posture!

Repeat as often, as you like! Again, careful to not over do!

Challenge: Do "pull-ups!

Suggestion: Sit-ups, walking as you swing both arms, back bends, doing "The Twist" are popular favorite WAISTLINE "reducers, too!
Among many other exercises!

NOTE: As always, consult your medical professionals, before starting any exercise program!

Please make a COMMENT!
What are your favorite WAISTLINE exercises? Like to hear from you!

These WAISTLINE SPLASH-STRETCHES, if done daily, will payoff at the end of this Summer!

"What will ya be pinching this Fall?"

Just remember! The 3 rd Splash Beach-Body Fitness Secret Revealed is the importance of keeping our WAISTLINES healthy & fit!

"Make a small commitment, with a huge payback!"

Go get 'em!

Holly Fairfield

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