SPLASH! Welcome to the World of Summer-Splash!"

"Our Foundation"

The 5th Splash Beach-Body Fitness-Secret Revealed is the appearance & health of our "FEET & ANKLES!"

Ideally, all of us want to show-off sexy "attractive toes & shapely ankles; To match the rest of our Splash fit Beach-Body's this Summer!

"Don't we? Come on!"

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(Double whistle!)
"The foot & ankle is a strong & complex mechanical structure, containing more than 26 bones, 33 joints, 100 muscles, tendons & ligaments."

"The foot is subdivided in "3" parts: Hind, Mid & Fore foot."

The HIND representing the ANKLE area; The Mid representing the ARCH area & the FORE part representing our TOES!


"It took `4 Million years to perfect the human foot."

And, it's important to include enough "fat" in our diets, to collect in the FEET to act as "shock absorbers!"


When ya think about it, really! Our feet are amazing, allowing us sensational mobility & locomotion!
And,How lucky we are, living at this point of human development, to appreciate & respect our FEET & ANKLES!!

Our feet & ankles are part of our bodies that need special attention, care & basic fitness; Especially keeping our "fore-foot, our toe nails appearing at their "healthiest!"!!

Keeping our FEET "feeling & looking" healthy, does take periodic maintenance! Regular trimming of the TOE nails & conditioning of the cuticles, is an "all year commitment, especially during, the Summer months, as we wear our sandals & flip-flops with our Beach apparel!

"That's, if, we want to look our best!"


Let's check-out or feet & ankles & do an inspection! (Yikes!)

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"Got not-so "pretty feet?"

Splash Beach-Body is offering some basic Foot-Fitness, to enhance the attractiveness, shape & tone of our FEET & ANKLES:

( Perform standing or sitting.)

1. spread 'em; Move each toe independently.
2. Pick-up a tissue, pencil or paper towel with your toes!
3. Can you write your name with your toes, using a pencil?

GOAL is to work every muscle, ligament & tendon, in each foot. Thus, improving the tone & circulation! This is key as we age!

(Even though, it might seem silly or difficult? Keep at it all Summer!)
Beach-Body ANKLE Fitness:
1. Point the toes; Then, flex the ankle Repeat ` 25 repetitions.
2. Do full circles with both ankles, first inwardly, reverse the motion, by doing full outward circles.
GOAL is to use your full range of motion; Remembering to completely "pointing & flexing" the ankles!
Try 25 repetitions!

3. Now, standing! Stretch the ACHILLES tendon, the HIND tendon in the HEEL! Stretch "slowly & easily, counting ` 30 seconds, for each ANKLE; Feel the amazing stretch!

Recommendation: Include this basic Splash Beach-Body FEET & ANKLE Fitness to your regular exercise routine, as a WARM-UP, to prevent injury!


Activities for FEET & ANKLES: Walking, Dancing!
Treat yourself to a professional pedicure!

Then, hit the beach with "prettier FEET!"


Just remember!

The 5th Splash Beach-Body Fitness Secret Revealed is the importance & benefit of an FOOT & ANKLE fitness program to look fantastic all year! Especially, this Summer at the beach!

"Footsie, anyone?"

Go get 'em!

Holly Fairfield

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