EDWARDSVILLE - Summers Port Swim Club of Godfrey, took the boys' title in the Southwestern Illinois Swimming Association Relays meet recently at Sunset Hills Country Club in Edwardsville, while the Collinsville Gators Swim Club, formerly known as Splash City Swim Club, jumped out to an early lead and never looked back in winning both the overall and girls championship.

The Gators won first place overall with 228 points, with the Sharks coming in second at 209 points, Montclaire Swim Club of Edwardsville was third with 188 points, Paddlers Swim Club of Granite City came in fourth at 185 points and the host Stingrays were fifth with 94 points.

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In the girls' standings, Collinsville was first with 131 points, with the Marlins second at 107 points, Summers Port was third with 97 points, the Pirates came in fourth at 89 points and Sunset Hills finished fifth with 67 points. In the boys' results, the Sharks took the top spot with 112 points, followed by the Gators with 97 points, Paddlers was right behind in third with 96 points, Montclaire came in fourth with 81 points and Sunset Hills finished fifth with 27 points.

In the boys' races, starting with the medley relays, the 100-yard race was won by the Marlins team of Evan Osborn, Brady Portz, Ashton Eastman and Adam Kirk at 1:36.12, while the nine-and-10-year-old 200-yard race was won by the Sharks' Brody Scheurer, Daniel Fitzgerald, Jack Osborn and Ben Osborn at 3:20.13, the 11-12 race, also at 200 yards, was won by the Summers Port team of David Drainer, Christian Monroe, Noah Aldridge and Eli Aldridge at 2:47.44, the 13-14 division was taken by Collisnville's team of Tyler Brooks, Nick Hasamear, Bram Malsbury and Evan Kershaw at 2:06,34 and the 15-18 race, both at 200 yards, was won by the Pirates' team of Chris Taylor, Maddox Kennedy, Brady Smallie and Alex Weaver at 1:55.46.

In the freestyle relays, the eight-and-under 75 yard race was won by Collinsville's John Gordon, Caleb Kohler and Lewis Korkenmeier at 1:33.28, while the rest of the races were set at 150 yards. In the nine-and-10-year-old race, Summers Port's Fitzgerald, Jack Osborn and Ben Osborn won at 2:08.03, with the 11-12 winner being the Sharks' Drainer, Eli Aldridge and Noah Aldridge at 1:41.59, Beau Roberts, Mason Roseman and Jackson Suhre of the Pirates won the 13-14 event at 1:25.98 and the Summers Port team of Erick Humphrey, Stephen Stobbs and Victor Humphrey won the 15-18 race at 1:17.17.

In the breaststroke relay races, the eight-and-under 75-yard race went to Montclaire's Colin Thieren, Portz and Cam Davis at 2:01.75, with the remaining races going 150 yards. The nine-and-10-year old race was declared no contest when all five teams were disqualified, while in the 11-12 race, Caiden Calvin, Boden Rives and Moxley Strange of the Marlins won with a time of 2:12.83, the 13-14 winners were Roberts, Roseman and Charlie Bremer of Paddlers won at 2:04.21 and the 15-18 winners were Jacob Kober, Drake Schultz and Luke Berger of Collinsville with a time of 1:46.10.

The results of the backstroke races started out in the eight-and-under race, which was 75 yards, with the Marlins' team of Evan Osborn, Will Ferguson and Conrad Shaffer winning with a time of 1:34.03, with the other races again being 150 yards. In the nine-and-10 race, Jody Schwanke, Scheurer and Jack Osborn of the Sharks won at 2:50.53, the 11-12 winners were Jackson Bracamontes, Andrew Hasamear and Hunter Schubert of Collinsville at 2:07.24, the 13-14 winners were Montclaire's Jace Snyder, Grady Hagedorn and Ed Foppe at 1:50.37 and the 15-18 race went to the Marlins' team of Cohen Osborn, Evan Grinter and Andrew Knef at 1:23.19.

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In the butterfly races, the first being 75 yards and the remainder 150 yards, the eight-and-under winner was Summers Port's Adam Hejna, Liam Scheurer and Gus Sholar at 2:00.83, with the nine-and-10 winners being the Sharks' Jack Osborn, Fitzgerald and Ben Osborn at 2:48.10, the 11-12 winners were Calvin, Rives and Strange of the Marlins at 1:57.74, the 13-14 race went to Collinsville's Brooks, Kershaw and Malsbury at 1:32.65 and the 15-18 event was won by Grinter, Knef and Osborn of the Marlins at 1:20.80.

In the girls' results, in the medley relays, in which the first race was 100 yards and all remaining races being 200 yards, the eight-and-under winners were Collinsville's Lauren Landwehr, Josie Forman, Macy Copeland and Josie Kahl, who had a time of 1:39.43, with the nine-and-10-year old winners being from the Gators, with Avery Finch, Annie Tucker, Ellie Forman and Vivian Cross having a time of 2:56.38, the 11-12 winners were Brinley Presson, Claire Berger, Kadence Dickemper and Kendall Kitchen of Collinsville, coming in at 2:33.83, the Paddlers' team of Madelyn Pamatot, Milyn Roehr, Elizabeth Weaver and Kathryn Gartner won the 13-14 race at 2:18.61 and the 15-18 winners were Collinsville's Sophie Van Middendorp, Kylee Strong-Chasteen, Erin Van Middendorp and Lily Rawson at 2:11.36.

In the remaining races, the first race was set at 75 yards, with all remaining races being 150 yards. In the freestyle events, the eight-and-under winner was the Gators' team of Carmen Albers, Landwehr and Annalynne Cross at 1:08.61, the nine-and-10 race was taken by the Stingrays' team of Hildi Deist, Molly Hunter and Caroline Walton at 2:03.84, the 11-12 winners were the Pirates' team of Lydia Fernandez, Natalie Jones and Lauren Willaredt at 1:44.41, the team of Savanna Lewis, Kyla Calvin and Reilly Curry of Montclaire win the 13-14 race at 1:24.25 and the 15-18 winners were the Sharks' team of Mackenzie Ingram, Alyssa Mann and Anna Moehn at 1:30.06.

In the breaststroke relays, the eight-and-under winner was Summers Port's Kiele Stupperrich, Heidi Young and Olivia Chamberlain at 1:31.31, with the nine-and-10-year-old winners being Deist, Hunter and Walton from Sunset Hills, who had a time of 2:32.95, the 11-12 winners were the Marlins' team of Morgan Popelar, Corrine Morris and Laine Curry at 2:04.12, the team of Greta Diest, Edyn Cohn and Nora Walton of the Stingrays won the 13-14 event at 1:58.18 and the 15-18 winners were the Gators' Makenna Broyles, Rawson and Strong-Chasteen at 2:01.24.

In the backstroke races, Alva Moore, Young and Stupperrich of the Sharks won the eight-and-under event at 1:17.84, Hildi Deist, Hunter and Caroline Walton won their third race of the evening in the nine-and-10 event with a time of 2:32.16, Morgan Popelar, Stella Wortman and Aster Carson of the Marlins won the 11-12 race at 2:02.31, the 13-14 race was won by Montclaire's Karissa Osborn, Reilly Curry and Kendalyn Portz at 1:40.00 and the 15-18 race went to the Pirates' team of Cate Smallie, Faith Marana and Alivia Upshaw at 1:47.63.

In the results of the butterfly races, the eight-and-under winner was Collinsville's Copeland, Albers and Josie Forman at 1:24.91, with the nine-and-10 winners being Julia Berger, Tucker and Ellie Forman of the Gators at 2:20.61, the 11-12 winners were the Marlins' Morris, Laine Curry and Lydia Cloud at 1:43.35, Montclaire's Karissa Osborn, Kyla Calvin and Reilly Curry won the 13-14 race at 1:34.70 and the 15-18 event went to the Gators' team of Erin Van Middendorp, Sophie Van Middendorp and Strong-Chasteen at 1:35.30.

In the final events of the night, the 250-yard freestyle crescendo race, in which a team of four swimmers, starting with the youngest swimmer and anchored by the oldest, compete, the boys race was won by the Sharks' Jack Osborn, Noah Aldridge, Erick Humphrey and Stobbs at 2:27.86, while the girls race was won by the Marlins' Magdalena Luitjohan, Laine Curry, Lewis and Karis Chen at 2:35.83.

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