Youth pastor Nathan Nelson of Staunton had a vision to help Staunton’s downtown business district. With a few phone calls, meetings and determination a plan for Staunton’s Paint the Town project was born. Mayor Craig Neuhaus went to work gathering business owners’ needs, sponsors and volunteers.

One phone call seeking sponsorship went to R.P. Lumber. The owner of the lumber company with 46 locations, Bob Plummer, didn’t hesitate to donate materials and supplies to the town that is home to his first location. Brushes, buckets, applicators, drop clothes, etc. started pouring in from R.P. suppliers. Glidden Paint donated gallons of paint to the project. Do It Best hardware, 3M, Shur-Line and DAP all contributed to Staunton’s downtown revitalization.

Staunton Alderman Rick Johnson, Staunton Zoning Michelle Streeb, Staunton Art Council Shirley Heidbrink, R.P. Lumber Corporate Jeff Schmidt, Glidden Paint Bob Bellucci, Staunton Mayor Craig Neuhaus, Glidden Paint William
Lissimore and Staunton R.P. Lumber Brad Miller.
Staunton Paint the Town Project Sponsors: R.P. Lumber, Glidden Paint, Staunton City Officials, Assembly of God - Mission Reach youth and volunteers officially kick off Staunton's downtown makeover. Bob Bellucci of Glidden Paint demonstrates the best way to paint to Mission Reach volunteers.

“This could not have happened if it wasn’t for our loyal customers in Staunton and the surrounding communities,” said Brad Miller, Manager of Staunton R.P. Lumber. “Mr. Plummer’s heart is in Staunton. He has contributed to other projects in Staunton such as Duda Park and will continue to support Staunton in future plans.”

“R.P. is a great customer of ours. We try to participate in projects similar to this throughout the Midwest. When they approached us about contributing we felt this was a worth-while project for Glidden to get involved,” said William Lissimore Glidden Business Development Manager.

Over 50 Assembly of God – Mission Reach volunteers, from more than eight communities and two states, filed into Staunton on June 20 with enthusiasm and paint brushes in hand.

“We did a mission like this last year in Macomb and Warsaw, Illinois. It’s really awesome to be able to reach out to communities and bless people,” said 16-year-old Elizabeth Shaffer of Bowen, IL.

“Staunton is around the same size as where I live. It feels good to be helping a community that reminds me of home, said 20-year-old Becca Jeffries of Shelbyville, IL.

Several local Staunton organizations and businesses have also invested time, money and food to the project, Neuhaus stated. Prep work was done before the youth volunteers arrived and there will be finishing touches after they depart on June 24. Neuhaus said there is still plenty to be done, and if someone can contribute in any form it would be greatly appreciated. For more information, please contact Staunton City Hall at 618-635-2233.

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