Holly FairfieldElementary-Anatomy Review:

The human body has a total of 206 bones, and, depending on muscle definition, total muscles range from `640 muscle groups to `850 individual muscles, identified.

The Human Head: The head the cranial vault, also known as the skull, is made up of many, tiny & small muscles cartilage & fused bones, housing all of the brain matter, thinking powers, intelligence, reasoning, conscience, the central nervous system much more; Controlling all of our senses - our sense of pain; 2 eyes for sight, 2 ears, with inner ears - hearing, 1 mouth with lips tongue - providing the sense of taste, a nose cavity - allowing the sense of smell & there is the sense of touch, with many, potential, thinking, mental powers, i. e., intuition!

Noteworthy: Our overall brain health is responsible for our sense of "balance!"

Additionally, many conditions, diseases, impact brain health!

Human Neck Bone: 1 vertebra, the 1st vertebra, considered the neck bone, the 1st cervical, C-1 vertebra; Subject to neck injury, dislocation, fracture, breakage as, well, as disease.

Human Spinal Column:
The average spine has 33 vertebra, cartilage; Making up, roughly, the shoulders, chest, rib-cage, waist, hips, pelvis, buttocks, housing the elongated spinal cord, all organs, major arteries, veins, blood supply, wrapped in muscles, nerves, tendons & more, also known as the torso, is subject to innumerable maladies.

Human Lower Extremities:
Humans have 2 major lower extremities, also called lower legs, major arteries, veins, nerves, 2 thigh bones, the longest bone in the human body, known as the femur, long & short muscles, then down to the knee caps, patella, major calf muscle, to the shin bones, called, the shank or the tibia, which is in front, with the fibula, behind, muscle groups, attaching to the amazing ankles,, then ending with our feet & 5 toes, arches, heels which "all inclusive, has `26 bones, joints, wrapped with many strong ligaments.

Noteworthy: The overall condition of our bodies "head to toes" is critical for continuing our ability to stand, along with, our mobility, and, for many reasons, responsible, for sustaining, our overall good health, especially, as we age!

"Perfect standing practice technique, makes perfect standing posture!"


Take a moment!
Concentrate, if you will, right now, on your entire, standing stance.

Be fully aware of your body, elongating the spinal column, be aware of each vertebra, open the chest, relax both shoulders!

Place feet in a comfortable position, flat on the floor, knees engaged, esp., both heels securely planted, with toes straight forward, for maximum ankle support, allowing standing endurance!

Standing Practice: Initially, just practice, at any age, just stand!

Then, begin to shift your weight, from one hip & leg to the other hip & leg, maintaining contact, with the floor, which loosens the entire torso!

Be sure to stand tall!

Challenge: Stand on a fluffy pillow in bare feet; Both feet together!

Warning: Safety first.

Best for team activity or partner challenge, for safety, reasons!

Remember to Breathe easily & evenly, at all times!

Nothing to it! Right?

Yet, often we all are guilty of slouching, as we stand!
Yikes, poor posture habits!

Final -Reminder!

Remember, while standing, squeeze,, the stomach in & uplifting, the belly button, towards the spine, is an excellent habit to have, strengthening the lower back, the lumbar area, of the spine, which is susceptible to injury, commonly by over lifting, straining, even over stretching!

Proper standing does take practice! But, only, perfect practice, makes perfect posture!

Hey, excellent posture, feels good & projects self confidence, to others!

Medical Advisory: As always, check with your medical team, before beginning an exercise program or a daily, prolonged standing job or a responsibility, requiring prolonged standing!

Hey, don't just stand there!

"Stand Tall, with Me!"

Game On!,

Holly Fairfield

Sources: Dartmouth School of Medicine

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