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Local Teams Do Well In East Alton-Wood River Invitational Cross Country Meet, No Team Scores Kept In Fun Format Of Races

WOOD RIVER - Riverbender area teams ran well in the East Alton-Wood River Invitational cross country meet held this past Saturday at EAWR, in which the emphasis is on fun as well as results.

No team scores were kept in the meet, which has an unusual format that puts the four classes in their own races; for example, freshmen against freshmen, sophomores against sophomores, etc., that makes the EAWR meet one of the most fun meets in the area.

In the boys division, the freshman race saw Carlinville's Sam Wilson win with a time of 18:02.1, with Red Bud's Luke Miller second at 18:03,4, Rhyse Rucker of Staunton placing third with a time of 18:28,2, Brock Portz of Marissa-Coulterville was fourth at 18:38,6, fifth place went to Staunton's Trey Luketich at 18:51.7, teammate Nicholas Monahan was sixth at 18:57.0, in seventh place was Sawyer Mitchell of O'Fallon First Baptist Academy, coming in at 19:19.7, Carlinville's Alex Behme was eighth with a time of 19:23.9, First Baptist's Landon Moore was ninth at 20:04.2 and Dax Goettten of Jersey rounded out the top ten with a time of 20:07.1.

Besides the top finishers for the Cavaliers, Matthew Walden was in at 20:16.1 and Kaney Roper came in at 21:57.1, while Father McGivney Catholic's Lyle Biermann came in at 21:05.1 and teammate Levi Huber was home at 21:05.6, Drake Wilson of the Panthers came in at 21:29.9, Collinsville's Will Slazinik had a time of 21:41.3 and the Oilers' Logan Willcutt was in at 22:37.9.

In the sophomore race, Litchfield's Cameron Quarton was the winner with a time of 15:49.5, with Carlinville's Will Meyer second at 16:41.9, Andrew Gonski of the Kahoks came in third at 16:46.0, fourth place went to the Cavaliers' Matt Dunn at 17:56.9, Columbia's Ethan Hogan was fifth at 18:23.4, Garrett Beuttel of Piasa Southwestern was sixth with a time of 18:27.2, seventh place went to Marissa's Tanner Middendorf at 18:30.4, in eight place was Tyler Summers of Carlinville at 18:31.0, First Baptist's Peyton Broyles was ninth at 18:56.0 and in 10th place was the Cavvies' Jack Rives at 19:05.1.

Thomas Ogata of Staunton had a time of 19:35.8, while the Griffins' Jamison Kohlberg came in at 19:47.3, with teammate Logan Miller was in at 22:53.2, EAWR's Evan Baker had a time of 19:50.4, Josh Kreitner of Marquette Catholic was in at 20:14.4, with teammate Ryan DeClue having a time of 21:39.3, Jared Ury of Maryville Christian was in at 20:58.6, Adam Kribs of Jersey had a time of 22:40.7 while teammate Eli Hetzel was in at 23:31.5, Southwestern's Zach Rue was in at 24:29.3 and Carlinville's Patrick Dunn had a time of 24:48.8.

The Oilers' Aiden Loeffelman was the winner of the junior race, coming in at 16:42.4, with Cole Grunke of Trenton Wesclin second at 16:54.6, the Panthers' Griffin Williams was third at 17:04.6, Alejandro Mendoza of Collinsville came in fourth with a time of 17:41.0, fifth place went to Gavin Thimsen of Litchfield at 18:02.7, teammate Sam Horn was sixth at 18:22.7, seventh place went to Columbia's Calvin Range at 18:51.4, Josh Leemon or Marissa was eighth at 18:55.4, Tanner Martinez of First Baptist was ninth with a time of 19:10.5 and Joseph Hanger of Red Bud completed the top ten with a time of 19:12.4.

Hayden Truax of the Cavaliers had a time of 19:21.0, while Alex Scott was in at 19:48.4, Charlie Wilson had a time of 20:13.6, Cooper Fullingham was in at 21:21.0 and Tommy Cottingham's time was 25:40.6. Laurentino Martinez of the Kahoks had a time of 19:24.1 and Andrew Spangler of the Piasa Birds was in at 21:04.7.

In the seniors race, the winner was Nick Fehr of Red Bud, with a time of 15:47.4, with Jersey's Cole Martinez second at 15:54.3, Brock Cunningham of Collinsville was third with a time of 17:05.4, fourth place went to Columbia's Thomas Crossley at 17:48.0, Noah Mason of the Oilers came in fifth at 18:01.0, in sixth place was Wesclin's Connor Garsnett at 18:19.9, Colin Kreipe of Carlinville was seventh at 18:20.7, a pair of runners from Litchfield, Alex Delacruz and Brayden Davis, were eighth and ninth respectively, with Delacruz coming in at 18:23.6 and Davis' time being 18:48.1, and rounding out the top ten was Ezra Dye of First Baptist with a time of 18:49.2.

David Garcia of the Kahoks had a time of 19:04.8, with teammate Dylan Meek in at 19:48.1, Eli Ratcliff of the Cavvies had a time of 19:53.0, while Brock Henson had a time of 21:37.6 and Owen Griffiths was in at 22:39.6, Jersey's Zane Peterbaugh was in at 20:43.1, Drake Dufrain of the Bulldogs had a time of 21:14,8 and teammate Joe Goss was in at 25:40.8.

In the girls races, the freshman event was won by Selah Hart of Collinsville with a time of 20:39.9, with Gillespie's Mia Brawner second at 22:23.7, third place went to Jersey's Haile Carter at 22:32.0, in fourth place was Wesclin's Cora Hill, with a time of 23:11.6, a pair of Panther runners, Reese Lorton and Grace Steinacher, were fifth and sixth respectively, with Lorton having a time of 23:57.7 and Steinacher coming in at 24:02.3, seventh place went to Morgan Laing of Collinsville with a time of 24:14.9, two runners from McGivney --- Ava Giovando and Isabella Harris --- were eighth and ninth, with Giovando's time being 24:25.4 and Harris in at 24:45.8 and Litchfield's Joelle Hughes rounding out the top ten with a time of 25:12.5.

Samantha Scott of the Cavaliers came in at 25:45.7, while teammates Jessica Strubbe had a time of 25:56.7 with Sayuri Owada in at 27:53.7 and Megan Stewart of the Piasa Birds had a time of 29:45.4.

In the sophomore race, Gillespie's Erika Gill won with a time of 20:32.0, with two Marquette runners, Katie Johnson and Paige Rister, were second and third, with Johnson having a time of 21:42.0 and Rister coming in at 22:04.4, in fourth place was Staunton's Lexi Hester at 22:41.3, Abby Fraley of the Panthers was fifth at 23:00.9, a pair of runners from Columbia, Souris Markella and Grace Crossley, were sixth and seventh, with Markella having a time of 23:14.5 and Crossley coming in at 23:32.1, Emily Smith of First Baptist was eighth with a time of 23:55.3, in ninth place was Kate Heitzig of Jersey with a time of 24:12.9 and Ava Certa of the Explorers was 10th at 25:18.5.

Marquette's Jaimie Jarzenback had a time of 25:42.7 and Jessica Brown of the Oilers came in at 29:18.4.

The winner of the juniors race was Myka Fenton of the Purple Panthers with a time of 19:59.8, with Kailey Vickrey of the Explorers second at 20:48.9, Elaine Ulrich of Litchfield was third at 21:46.5, Columbia's Brooklyn Oestreich was fourth at 22:15.9, McKinney's Alyssa Terhaar was fifth at 22:41.6, in sixth place was Anna Wolter of Red Bud, who had a time of 22:59.2, Marquette's Hudson McCowan was seventh at 23:50.0, Marissa's Paige Daenzer was eighth with a time of 23:52.1, Lexi Pfeiffer of Staunton was ninth at 23:58,3 and Wesclin's Avery Huffman was 10th at 24:07.3.

Chloe Kallal of Jersey had a time of 25:26.8, with teammate Katheryna Savienkova in at 27:03.2, Southwestern's Jillian Bellsmith had a time of 26:49.2, while teammate Audrey Gordon came home at 29:23.1.

In the senior race, Jersey's Morgan Johnson was the winner with a time of 20:47.8, with Kylee Eitling of Litchfield second at 21:19.9, Kassidy Rea of the Kahoks was third at 21:40.8, Brooke Kinder of Staunton was fourth with a time of 22:34.6, Wesclin's Brooklyn McAllister was fifth at 22:53.9, Colleen Zinke of Collinsville was sixth, coming in at 22:57.6, in seventh place was Izzy Barker of Columbia, who had a time of 23:26.7, Laina Wilderman of the Piasa Birds was eighth at 23:47.5, ninth place went to Carlinville's Braylee Gilmore at 24:59.9 and rounding out the top ten was Harlee Traylor of Litchfield at 25:50.8.

The Kahoks' Lorelei Harness had a time of 26:11.7, while teammate Leslie Rivera was in at 29:27.3, the Bulldogs' Caidy Tuetken had a time of 28:02.8, Carlinville's Naomi Owada's time was 28:03.5, Sabrina Fulkerson of EAWR was in at 28:27.0 and Southwestern's Abby Hasquin was in at 32:22.5.




MARTINEZ, WILLIAMS PLACE IN TOP TEN FOR JERSEY, COLLMAN, ELDRIDGE DO SAME FOR CM AS HIGHLAND WINS CONFERENCE MEET: Jersey's Cole Martinez and Griffin Williams both finished in the top ten, as did Civic Memorial's Jackson Collman and Justice Eldridge as the Eagles came in third and Triad fifth in the Mississippi Valley Conference cross country meet at Principia College in Elsah.

Highland won the team championship with 42 points, with Mascoutah second at 67 points, CM was third with 77 points, Waterloo came in fourth with 86 points and the Knights finished fifth with 87 points. Martinez and Williams were two of the Panthers' three runners, and didn't have a team score.

Waterloo's Joe Schwartz was the individual winner, coming in at 15:43.5, with Dallas Mancinas of Highland second at 15:56.8, Martinez was third at 16:00.6, fourth place went to Collman at 16:02.6, Triad's Andrew Pace was fifth with a time of 16:12.9, Eldridge was sixth with a time of 16:19.7, Mascoutah's Sam Lajoye came in seventh with a time of 16:32.2, eighth place went to the Indians' Lance Miller at 16:36.1, Williams placed ninth with a time of 16:43.0 and Avery Brock of Highland finished the top ten with a clocking of 16:44.7.

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Besides Collman and Eldridge, Lucas Naugle of CM came in at 17:04.9, Gabe Roberts was in at 18:15.4, Aslan Henderson had a time of 19:18.3 and Deacon Anderson was timed in 19:25.5. Along with Pace, the Knights had Drew Twyman in at 16:48.4, with Sam Kuckuck having a time of 17:46.3, Dalton Mersinger was in at 18:33.6, Dillon Henderson had a time of 18:58,7, Jacob Metcalf came home at 19:07.9 and Sam Winslow was in at 19:40.7. The only other Jersey runner was Dax Goetten, who had a time of 20:50.0.


MEISER COMES IN FOURTH, KELLER PLACES SEVENTH AS WATERLOO TAKES GIRLS MVC MEET, TRIAD IS FOURTH, CM FIFTH, JERSEY SIXTH: Civic Memorial's Hannah Meiser finished fourth individually, while Triad's Ana Keller was seventh at Waterloo won the girls Mississippi Valley Conference cross country meet at Principia College in Elsah.

Waterloo scored 43 points to take the championship, with Highland coming in second with 56 points, Mascoutah was third with 61 points, the Knights finsihed fourth with 72 points, the Eagles were fifth at 124 points and Jersey came in sixth with 180 points.

Waterloo runners finished one-two in the individual standings, with Angelynn Kanyuck winning with a time of 18:31.8 and teammate Danielle Mudd second at 18:51.7. The Indians' Jayda Williams was third at 18:54.7, with Meiser fourth at 18:58.3, Cameron Crump of Waterloo was fifth with a time of 19:21.8, Tarryn Keeney of Highland came in sixth at 19:48.7, Keller was seventh at 19:52.6, eighth place went to Abigail Uptergrove of Mascoutah at 19:56.1, in ninth place was Peyton Frey of Highland at 19:58.0 and teammate Liv Heinzmann rounded out the top ten with a time of 19:58.5.

Along with Keller, the Knights had Blaire Cunningham in at 20:05.6, Kennedy Bowman was right behind at 20:07.3, Chloe Gough was in at 20:10.5, Kailey Peterson's time was 20:45.4, Amanda Bagwell came in at 21:54.8 and Claire Schaft was in at 22:13.5.

In addition to Meiser's time, the Eagles had Alyssa Mann in at 20:40.2, Eliza Donaldson was clocked in 22:26.7, Katelyn Hallstead was timed in 23:04.5, Allison Hallstead was in at 23:23.4 and Shelby Quick had a time of 23:30.0

Halle Carter led the way for the Panthers with a time of 22:26.7, while Morgan Johnson was in at 23:18.6, Abby Fraley had a time of 23:48.8, Grace Steinacher was clocked in 24:06.9 and Reese Lorton was in at 24:18.5.


MASCOUTAH 2, CIVIC MEMORIAL 0: Jamil Green's brace (two goals) were the only scoring in the match as Mascoutah took the three points on the road over CM at the Bethalto Sports Complex.

Tommy Fisher and Connor Randel assisted on Green's strikes, while Oliver Hoybach had 11 saves in recording the clean sheet for the Indians.

Mascoutah is now 14-4-1, while the Eagles slip to 17-4-1.




EAGLE RIDGE CHRISTIAN 8, MISSISSIPPI VALLEY CHRISTIAN 0: Top-seeded Eagle Ridge Christian of Cape Girardeau, Mo. recorded a clean sheet in eliminating eighth-seed MVCS in the quarterfinals of the Mid-American Conference postseason tournament at Maryville Christian.

The Warriors are now 0-13-0 and open up Illinois Association of Christian Schools' postseason play Oct. 19 in a regional match against First Baptist Christian in Danville.

In another match played on Thursday, Collinsville won at home over St. Mary's Catholic of south St. Louis City 6-0. The Kahoks are now 17-3-2, while the Dragons go to 6-11-1.



COLLINSVILLE 25-25, ALTON 18-13: Collinsville led from wire-to-wire in taking a two-set win over Alton at Vergil Fletcher Gym.

Grace Carter had five points and a kill for the Redbirds, while Audrey Evola served up four points, Taylor Freer had a kill, a block and 12 assists, Tayen Orr had a pair of kills, Reese Plont had three points, an ace, three kills and a block, Renee Raglin had four kills, Taryn Wallace came up with a kill and Alyssa Wisniewski had a point and three kills.

The Kahoks are now 8-24, while Alton goes to 10-12-2.

WESTFAIR CHRISTIAN 25-25, MISSISSIPPI VALLEY CHRISTIAN 10-9: MVCS fell to Westfair Christian of Jacksonville in the first round of a tri-match on Thursday at the Warriors' gym.

Kristen Vaughn had the only two kills of the match for the Warriors, while McKinzie Wright had 12 digs.

FAITH BIBLE CHRISTIAN 25-25, MISSISSIPPI VALLEY CHRISTIAN 12-10: Faith Bible of Rosamond defeated MVCS in the second leg of the tri-match than ended the Warriors' regular season.

Wright came up with 28 digs for the Warriors, while both Audrey Crowe and Anna Gaworski served up two aces each.

MVCS ends its regular season 5-15 and plays First Baptist Christian in Danville Tuesday afternoon in the opener of the Illinois Association of Christian Schools regional, with a start time to be announced.

In other matches played on Thursday evening, Roxana won over East Alton-Wood River 25-19, 25-14, Waterloo swept Triad 25-22, 25-15, Father McGivney Catholic won at Metro-East Lutheran 25-18, 25-23 and Valmeyer defeated Steeleville 25-14, 25-10.

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