Introducing Splash-Tlx!

 Delivering in 2013, `52, weekly, independent, uncensored, controversial & provocative "Splash-Tlx!"

 Let's kick it off with a bang, literally! I'm talking about guns!

 "Where do you stand on guns & ammunition capacity? Is the answer more guns?"

Earlier today, locally, we honored the tremendous loss of life from Sandy Hook School, New Newtown, Connecticut, as, surviving fellow students return to schooling, in the morning.

Their fellow classmates, innocent children were slaughtered by a troubled young man; His weapons & ammunition was purchased legally, is the understanding. 

"Their bodies were riddled with bullets!"

Are we going to remain silent, remain impotent, unable to raise this issue with our closest family members & friends?

Do we have the courage to voice our opinion?

Should our gun laws be re-examined? Is it time for a change of any sort?

Are we going back to the days of the "Wild West?"

Do we have the will to eliminate "mass shootings?

What is it going to take?


Have our local schools increased enough security measures, to protect our children?

Exactly, who is leading?

Have you been voicing your opinion? Go ahead!



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