Splash-Stretching! Choose 3, for 3 minutes! Welcome to the World of Splash!

"To stretch, or not to stretch! That is the question!" You be the judge!

There are many benefits of STRETCHING, to consider!

Here are several:

Promotes flexibility, improves circulation, eases joint pain, tendon elasticity, cartilage health, soothes stiffness! Plus, helps to prevent injury,elongates arteries & muscles, releases toxins & tension, expands the chest cavity for deeper breathing & allows for greater relaxation! !

Let's "S-T-R-E-T-C-H!" Want to?

Important! Stretching " equally &evenly" whatever we "stretch" on one side, we ought to "stretch equally" on the other side, to achieve symmetry & better balance, which is ultimately our goal!
It's a basic, simple, concept, to stretch "comfortably" the body in every direction "before you get out of bed& repeat when you return, back to bed!!
Easy concept to understand. Makes sense?

It only takes `3 minutes in the morning! And, another `3 minutes, at bed time! Tops!

And, you'll feel like a Million!

Note: There are "over stretching cautions" to avoid; Take it slow & go easy!
Never press yourself, force yourself, at any time! These are suggested "stretching moves!"

What I've discovered that, I actually feel better, more relaxed & energetic, if I take `3 minutes, to stretch, while lying in bed - first thing in the morning & last thing, before falling asleep, to sleep easier!!

"Splash-Stretch! Chooses 3, for 3 minutes!"

Develop your own routine, do what works best for you!
I try to!

Similar Splash-Stretching "for 3 minutes" solo, or with a friend, to feel the benefits of stretching, with your partner!!

Let's dive in!

"Splash-Stretches! Choose 3 for 3 minutes!
Choose only "3!"

Splash's simple program:

Remain in bed!
What's actually been working, for me!

Shortly after waking - I've been starting my routine by wiggling my fingers & toes!
Maintaining a good strong breathing pattern, is important!

Then, shrug shoulders, a few times, all laying flat on back-side!

Pucker lips, relax jaw, open eyes & mouth wide, press tongue into right cheek, then, left cheek. Then, slide tongue in-between front teeth, pushing upward towards nose! Release! Shift jaw left right, right - left!

Can you wiggle your ears?

Meanwhile, giving a strong front "bear-hug." Opening the back.
" Holding 1 - 2 - 3!"

Staying flat on the mattress, reach right, stretching the neck & shoulders. Repeat, to the left!

Now, to stretch your shoulders & the back of both arms: fold your elbows, gently "grab" with your finger tips each shoulder; Reach across the body; There are 5 combinations; Choose 3!"
Feel that stretch?
Not much?

Then, slightly, bend at the waist - side - to - side.Feel it now!

Then, open eyes & both hands extending, without hyper-extending fingers; Feeling the gentle stretch in both palms.
Then, reverse the stretch with the hands, by making a tight fist, feeling the stretch on the top side of both hands.

Continuing to open & close both eyes, squeezing gently.


Lift shoulders, release!


A quickie!
Wrist & ankles rotations; Making circles.
Alternate, outward, reverse, inward!
This involves your elbows & knees, too.
Shrug shoulders, again!

Then, do several "point & flex, with the feet, while reaching over head, with both arms. Then, place hands behind hips & open the chest!
Hold "1 - 2 - 3!"

Big inhale!
Begin to slowly exhale!!
Then, relaxing the knees, sit up, by sliding hands behind knees, sitting straight upright; Exhaling hard! Squeezing, folding body, into a tight ball! Relax the head & shoulders, into the knees!
Stretch the entire spine!
From the top of head, to the tail bone!

Follow that move?

Hold 1 - 2 - 3!

Do these stretches, can be done in "3 minutes!"

Good time to quit, while you're ahead!

Dash off to your day or sleep!

Want to keep stretching?
Additional options!

Don't over do it, though!

These are other areas to stretch, when you feel totally relaxed & comfortable "on another day!"

Remain in a sitting position, legs crossed, only partially extended , maintain your core stability.
:Do full arm circles. Then, swing arms from side to side, crossing the mid-line Back & forth, across the body.
Remembering to breathe deeply!
Lift & drop shoulders, 3 times!

More advanced:
Next, extend both legs, slide onto one side, using 1 arm, with 1 hand,, keeping your knees relaxed; Pull your arms apart, feeling the stretch across your entire torso:
"1 - 2 - 3!"!

Lay flat on your back & & return upright, by reversing the movement!
Repeat on both sides!

Push your pillow, out of the way!
Now, roll onto your stomach & cross, lock, your arms behind yourself, grabbing your elbows! Holding "1 - 2 - 3!"

(Remember to breathe!!)

Continuing on your stomach: Lift opposite 1 leg & 1 arm, known as the "swim!"
Keep your core stable!
Excellent for the back, esp.!

Do several strokes, roll to 1 side.

Lift 1 thigh, at a time, let your arm pull "gently" your leg in towards your body. Switch, to the other side, other leg!

Reach to the ceiling Sit up! Extend both arms into a " V !"

That's it!

Choose "3" stretches at a time, careful to Always "take it slow & easy!"

Good job! Energized! Go get 'em!

Holly Fairfield

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