"A Weekly Splash!
Welcome to the World of Splash!"

Let's dive in!

This Tuesday is FAT TUESDAY, also known as, MARDI GRAS!

Splash reveals that MARDI GRAS is heaped in history & mystery, the dates based on the Lunar calendar, numerous traditions, religious significance, dating back to Medieval times in Europe!

In the United States, New Orleans held the first celebration of Mardi Gras, in the 1700, documented in `1782!

Continuing this annual tradition, celebrating of MARDI GRAS in New Orleans is one of the cities highest priorities & highlights!

New Orleans is, generally, considered "ground zero, in the United States" for the biggest party, greatest celebration, plentiful food, "live music" -most spectacular floats & parades, almost everyone wearing multiple strands of beads, outrageous costumes & masks - among other things - exclusively for MARDI GRAS!"

Millions of people, of all ages, flock to New Orleans!

Today, MARDI GRAS is celebrated all over the world, in great fanfare!

Mardi Gras is a day of getting together, a day of tremendous "feasting!" As, the following day, is the religious day of Ash Wednesday which is a day of "fasting!"

"Ash Wednesday" marks the first day of Lent!

EASTER follows in `40 days!

Can't get away to New Orleans? Not, to worry!

This area has all the "flavors" of FAT TUESDAY, i. e., King Cakes & pastries, too!

Make your own MARDI GRAS feast, jus to be sure to include plenty of fruits & vegetables!

Most restaurants, taverns & bars will be celebrating MARDI GRAS!

And, almost everyone is wearing those MARDI GRAS "beads!

What's the significance of the "3" MARDI GRAS colors?
Have you wondered about that?

Splash sure did!

Found out that: Purple represents JUSTICE, green represents FAITH & gold represents POWER!

Wear your MARDI GRAS beads proudly! I am, too!

Lets all celebrate MARDI GRAS!

Go get 'em!

Holly Fairfield

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