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Ever been just a little curious about the Dandelion? Might want to rethink your strategy of totally eradicating this "flowering weed-wonder!

Splash serves-up research about the DANDELION!

Highlighting a few known benefits:

NATURAL DIURETIC -The leaves of the Dandelion are considered an excellent natural "diuretic - flushing toxins out of the body.

BLOOD PURIFIER - The actual root is consider a "blood purifier aiding the immune system."

WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM - Dandelion tea is known to improve digestion, promoting healthy, gradual, weight loss!

SORE THROAT? - Supportive data indicates that Dandelion tea helps to "alleviate, soothes, a prolonged cough." It Works naturally with the respiratory system."

"Anemic?" Effective in treating folks with amenia because of it's high content of" Vitamins, minerals & iron elements."

NIGHT VISION! - Rich in Vitamin A & B, Dandelion tea should boost night vision.

The list of benefits continues for the marvels of the Dandelion!! Incredible!

Splash encourages you to do your own investigation about this incredible "weed-wonder!"

Dandelion tea is available as a "loose" tea giving a combination of the leaves & roots.
Also, available, is the Dandelion tea "bag" with a section of a hearty root!

The DANDELION deserves our respect for it's numerous health benefits!

Go get 'em!

Holly Fairfield

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