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"The Hollywood diet; The Grapefruit diet!"

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The Hollywood diet is thought to have originated in the early '30's in Los Angeles area, most likely created for our movie stars & the movie industry!


It was the rage, when introduced in Hollywood!!

Are you familiar with the Hollywood diet?

Go Hollywood!"

Basically, it's a restricted diet , 10 days to 2 weeks period of eating " high protein, low carbohydrate " which allows "3" meals a day, always starting with 1/2 grapefruit;
Most meals rich with a combination of eggs & some kind of meat!

(That's a lot of grapefruit!)

Suggested - "2 weeks ON" & "1 week" OFF, for best results, as noted in one review.!

Enjoy plenty of water, throughout the day!
Get plenty of fresh air & exercise, too!

(That's always a winning combination!)

Typical breakfast includes "half of a grapefruit,bacon & eggs!

Full lunch & dinner, always starting with a 1/2 grapefruit or equivalent glass of Great fruit juice!

Butter, too!

Estimated daily calories: 1200 to 2000 calories!

Limited caffeine, noted!

"More Fact or Fad?"?"

It's fun to try!

Interestingly, "grapefruit is reported "to satiate the appetite!"

A study reports that the "grapefruit diet" may reduce natural insulin levels! ."

Reports of just eating less food, less of an appetite, thus losing weight!

"Splash!" wonders if there's just a coincidence, that the "Ruby Grapefruit" was patented in '29, approximately at the same time, of the Hollywood diet's first appearance!?

The "Ruby grapefruit" is an appealing looking, delicious, refreshing grapefruit, reported in many critiques!"

Grapefruit can be a healthy choice, unless of medication interference!

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The "Hollywood Diet" was revived & gained popularity in the '70's & 80's!

Millions & Millions have tried it!

Other healthy choices, similar food properties, related to the grapefruit, with lycopein:

Listing a few: Tomatoes, watermelon, apricots, guava & persimmon, also, have this qualities & "pinkish coloring!"

All are healthy food choices!

Other, studies "indicate that this type of combination of enzymes can "play an overall role in wellness!"

This particular of food enzyme may speed up the metabolism, act like a catalyst to "promote weight loss", according to some studies.
But, the evidence is "thin, unsubstantiated, heavily questioned!

Another noteworthy "food-combo" is "grapefruit & avocado!"
This reduces inflammation on a cellular level, according to a reliable source, "if" eaten twice a week!"

"More fad than fact?"
There are body cleanses, drinks, caplets, diet meal plans of claims for "Lose 10 Lbs. - in 1- 10 days or less!"
This is a body detoxification program.

There are a few effective body cleanses , body detoxification recipes & programs out on the internet!

There's nothing like quite "eating" your way, to a thinner body; Check out other confirmed "successful" diets, if your goal is to lose weight!

The combination of grapefruit, meat, low-carb's is the on-going debate!

Must keep cholesterol in check, blood pressure, vitals,, body weight controlled, too!

One major goal is to feel & look healthy, absolutely!

The Hollywood diet seems to work for a small percentage of people!
It's not for everybody!

Don't be fooled by a concentrated "fruit juice" concoction!

However, there are several healthy body cleanses; Body detoxification programs that are  worthwhile, if you are looking for a "quick fix!"
Just, to be sure, "buyer beware!"

Warning of citrus allergies or serious, negative, interaction with specific medications; As always, check with your medical team, before starting any type of diet!

In any case, the Ruby grapefruit has an intriguing history!

Hooray for Hollywood!

Go get 'em!

Holly Fairfield

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