Welcome to the World of Splash!

Have you been hearing about quality food combinations, rich in nutrition, after eating, that claim you feel "really good?"
And, has potential, "to rid the body of disease?"

Splash is investigating!
Read on!

Explore & try eating a balanced diet, which especially includes a combination of:
"Greens, Onions, Mushrooms,Beans & Seeds!"

Now, of course, in moderation!

Double check, limit, sodium & cholesterol in any additives!

Do a "Splash-Share-Tip!"

Find recipes or create your own concoctions & do a "Splash-Share-Tip

"Like to hear from you!"

Remember & eat: G-O-M-B-S!

And, then,check your "Happy-O-Meter!"

Notice anything? Any happier?
You be the judge!

NOTE: As always, consult with your medical team; Beware of any type of food allergies!

Primary Source: PBS educational material.

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