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Assessing a Healthy Weight; Calculate Your Body Mass Index!

"A healthy Body Mass Index is between 19 to 25."

It's common to pack on the pounds, over the years!

Just think, how easy it is, to gain 1 pound a year!
Unfortunately, over 15 years, those pounds could cause major health risk!


SIMPLE Calculation:

Step #1:
Multiply your height in inches by height in inches.

2. Divide your weight by the answer from step #1.

3. Multiply the number you came up from Step 2 with 705.

The result is your B. M. I.! 


"A person at 5 feet 3 inches, weighing 120 pounds, has a BMI of 23."



17 - Under Weight

18 to 19 is Thin

25 - Healthy range

28 Overweight

30+ Obese


It is recommended that our body weight should not increase more than 11 pounds, after age 18.


Let's Splash- strive for a healthy BMI, to promote overall good health!


Splash Health-Tip! Remember your body weight, when you were at age 18; Providing your were active & healthy at 18! And, avoid gaining more than 11 pounds, over the years!

Your overall health should benefit!

Stay in a healthy BMI Range!

Go get 'em!

Holly Fairfield

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