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It's Good Medicine; Not, jus a Luxury Item!

Reported benefits of THERAPEUTIC MASSAGES:
- To relieve stress & anxiety
- relieves tension
- eases chronic aches & pains from injury
- improves range of motion
- helps with labor pain & shortens maternity hospital stays
eases medication dependency
- enhances immune system
- pumps oxygen into the skin for regeneration
- improves circulation
- revitalizes & elevates mood
- can boost energy level
- reduces post-surgery swelling
improves digestion
increases relaxation
improves sleep
- lowers blood pressure.

These documented benefits are both "psychological & physiological!"


Other, popular "full body" massages:
Swedish, deep tissue, hot stone & more!

Not all massages are considered "equal!"

Discover the healing benefits of a THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE!

NOTE: Well documented research & numerous scientific studies, report improved health benefits from professional THERAPEUTIC MASSAGES!


Consider scheduling a series of THERAPEUTIC MASSAGES for: Injuries, chronic aches & pain!

Important: always remember to hydrate, immediately afterwards, to "flush" toxins out of the body!

It's "good medicine!"

Recommendation: As always, consult with your medical team, to properly treat: Injuries, Aches & Chronic Pain!!

Check out this stimulating Splash Health-Tip, for yourself or someone you care about!

Go get 'em!

Holly Fairfield

Sources: Body Sense Magazine, Fall of 2000 & personal interviews with professional massage therapists.

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