SPLASH! | "Welcome to the World of Splash!"

There is a wide-world multi-billion dollar industry, of "topical" lotions, creams, serums, make-up, with some real & not so real, health benefits for our complexion.

That's the current debate!

But, also, there is real evidence that "we are what we eat."

Our "diet" does matter!


Feed your complexion:

a.. Almonds
b.. Avocados
c.. Acerola Cherries
d.. Tomatoes
e.. Cottage Cheese
f.. Flaxseed Oil
g.. Potatoes - Baked
h.. Mangoes
i.. Mushrooms
j.. Oysters
k.. Salmon
l.. Wheat Germ
m.. 2 % Milk
n.. Green Tea
o.. 1 T. of Mayo Daily

For starters!!


a.. Be aware of "food allergies!"

a.. Feast on these "food values" in moderation, complementing a well rounded meal plan!

a.. Drink plenty of H2 O & sport's drinks to stay hydrated!

Other worthwhile Pointers:

a.. Install a "humidifier" in your home or office!

a.. It's a good idea to follow the recommendation of Dermatologist of limiting sun exposure. And, make a healthy habit of wearing "sun screen!"

Let's be sexy & know it!

Go get 'em!

Holly Fairfield

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