Holly Fairfield, ColumnistLiving at the Top of Your Game

"Walk With Me!"

Research has proven that, by walking `30 Minutes, a day, considered a moderate physical activity, is highly recommended for Heart & Lung Health, Plus!

Health Highlights of Walking:

- Reduces the risk of coronary heart disease

- Lowers blood pressure

- Improves Lung Capacity, blood oxygenation

- Reduces blood triglycerides

- Improves circulation

- Develops vascular system

- Strengthens lower muscular & skeleton structures

- Tones & Sculpts legs

- Improves overall complexion

- Excellent fitness for weight loss

- Method of maintaining a healthy weight

- Boosts mental clarity

- Enhances mental well-being

Note: Remember to properly hydrate!

Medical Advisory: As always, check with your medical team, before beginning an exercise program or a daily walking regimen!

Walking is a Winner!

Game On!,

Holly Fairfield

Sources: American Heart Association & the American Lung Association

Mayo Clinic

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