Welcome to the World of Holiday-Splash!

"Serve the Simply-Organic Big Chill On Christmas Day"

Surprise your family & guests with fresh-frozen red & green grapes, in every glass!!

Fill the water glasses & fine crystal wine glasses with these frozen red & grapes & pour!

Easy to Prepare & your table will sparkle, throughout the meal!


All you need is to stock-up on plenty of fresh seedless RED & GREEN" grapes from your local market or grocer, along with plenty of Freezer Zip-Lock baggies!

To prepare: 
Rinse the grapes & remove the stems completely, drain, roll on paper towels to thoroughly dry; 
Place a mixture of colors in freezer Zip-Lock baggies, like, in your freezer, a few days in advance!

For New Year's, include purple grapes!

Bonus! Grapes have no fat or cholesterol & are considered a natural Antioxidant!


Colorful frozen grapes will give your Holiday drinks the Splash-Big-Chill!


Go get 'em!

Holly Fairfield

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