Splash! Get Fit, For You!

"Find Your Can Do for a Successful, Memorable Summer Project!"

Welcome to the World of Springtime-Splash!

We've got `3 weeks left this Spring, to get organized, for our Summer Project planning!

Spontaneous Summer Projects can be exciting, fun to think about!

But, jumping into a Summer Project without thorough planning & preparation, could end up in disaster!

So, this 11 week's Spring-Splash Goal, is a booster, for those tackling a Summer Project!!

(It's not too late, is it, if we start this week?)


Spring-Splash-Pointers for a Short-Term Project:

- First, Define a Meaningful, Clear Goal!

- Appoint or Elect the Team Leader! (You?)

- Be Realistic!

- Develop a Financial Plan! (Might require saving 'til next Summer?)

- Calculate the daily Time Investment!

- Recruit Manpower, Team Members!

- Set a weekly Timeline, with objectives, tasks & Concerns!

- Recognize the time Limitation!

- Give Yourself & your team a Daily Reminder, of the Mission & Purpose!

- Consider Impact to Others!

- Stay Positive!

- Anticipate the feeling of reaching the ultimate Goal

- Beware of Spoilers!

- Make Job Descriptions for each Team Member!

- Team Member's should be well aware of their Responsibilities!

- Maintain a Positive Attitude!

- Reach out for help, when needed!

- Seek Expertise!

- Be prepared to work!

- Follow Up, with the details!

- Do your Home Work, along the way!

- Consult with Others!

- Take Pride in what You Do!

- Block out your Daily, weekly, Schedule in a spreadsheet format!

- Keep a written & photo Journal to Document Progress!

- Notice surprises & Deal with the Pro's & Con's!

- Prepare to make adjustments!

- Be Flexible!

- Consider all Suggestions!

- Demonstrate Gratitude, along the Way!

- Acknowledge Project Completion!

- Reward the Team Leader & all Team Members!


IMPORTANT Splash-Tip: Be certain to take a few "Team" photographs. Select one & frame it!

Be sure to Hang It!


Just remember!

This 11 week's goal is to share several pointers for Short-Term Goal achievement, making it memorable, utilizing a true a "Can Do" Attitude!

And, sometimes, "we all need a little nudge!"

Don't be afraid to show enthusiasm or experience failure! It's not "defeat!"

Just enjoy the Process!

Hope this helps you, with your Summer Project planning & success!

Yes! You Can Find Your Can-Do!

Good Luck with Your Summer Project!

Seize the Day!

Holly Fairfield


Sources: Clarizen.com

The Psychology of Winning, by Dennis Waitley

Contributors: Rita Cooke & Karen Waide


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