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Peanut Butter: Healthy, Energy Booster or Just another Junk Food? You be the judge.

At the risk of sounding like a really old TV commercial, it is important to be "choosy" in selecting your brand of Peanut Butter & what you eat it with, if your goal is a boost of natural energy.

Most "eaters" don't spend time thinking about Peanut Butter's food benefits. Commonly, it's just considered a quick "kid's meal" heaped between 2 slices, of soft bread.

Warning: Keep in mind serious "peanut allergies" which can be easily forgotten, overlooked by others,, when serving a large group of children & adults, anywhere!

What is a "peanut?" A "peanut" is not a "nut, at all! How about that, huh? Peanut is actually a "Legume!" Okay, what's a "Legume" Simply stated, a "Legume" is more like a bean or seed, yielded from a pod.

And, incredibly, a "Peanut" is a powerful, excellent source of protein! Historical data, interestingly, indicates that, the Inca's were the first civilization to crush peanuts to a paste. But, we know wisely, now, we can't survive on, Peanut Butter, alone! Here in North America & throughout most of the world, we continue this Ancient Tradition, eating Peanut Butter.

There are many brands of Peanut Butter! The healthiest Peanut Butter brands are made from dry roasted peanuts, primarily, not exclusively. So, be "choosy" reaching for your next jar of peanut butter; Read the ingredients, to avoid unwanted & unnecessary food additives. Whole & natural Peanut Butter doesn't contain anything artificial, and, it is easily digested.

Food Value: Nutritious value: It's best to read the label.

Now! To get the Peanut Butter booster:

Serving Size: 1 Tablespoon

Serve 1 Tablespoon, per person, of your Peanut Butter with an abundant variety of crispy fresh fruits & vegetables. No bread or crackers, to feel the sustaining boost!

Why not try Peanut Butter as a healthy snack, mid-day at home or work?  Before hitting the gym?Or, to revive yourself first thing in the morning or before a big evening out? Or, as an energy "booster" when you feel the need?

Plus, for Chocolate Lovers! You can include a serving of Peanut Butter, with your dark chocolate, guilt free.

Splash-Tip: Wash Peanut Butter down with almond milk, coconut water, chilled green tea, keeping it healthier.

Splash is choosy, choosing Natural Peanut Butter!

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