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"What came first, the chicken or the egg?"

Whichever way you've answered this question, there's little debate that the "Egg" is one of the most perfect foods in Nature!

Each whole Egg has a yellow yolk & egg whites, contains 70 Calories & packed with amino acids, vitamins & essential minerals, to build muscles, promote growth & sustain life!

"The Egg is the seed of life!"

"Kids claim that colorful eggs taste better!"

Spring-Splash Health-Tip: 
Refrigerate a flat basket or bowl of colorful hard boiled Eggs;
Make it a fun & Splash-Egg-Easy snack, for the kids, for Easter!

Use a commercial kit, sold at most grocery stores!


Easy-colorful Eggs Preparation: 
Boil a batch of Eggs, your way, just include a "natural color!"

Make it intriguing & fun by using fresh, frozen, canned, i. e., pumpkin,, other vegetables, different colorful teas, coffee, concentrated juice, i. e., bottled concentrated cherry juice, frozen blueberries or frozen blackberries, so, forth, which result in beautiful colors direct from Mother Nature!

Generously fill each pot with your choice of "coloring" add room temperature fresh eggs, `2 Tables of white vinegar, a pinch of salt, fill with cold water, to cover the Eggs; Bring to a rapid boil, adjust the heat down, slow boiling, several minutes, on your stovetop.
And, monitor.

Test 1 egg, to insure it's "hard boiled!"

You be the judge!

Let cool in the pot for a few more minutes, check the color! 
Gently run cold water over the hard boiled Eggs, remove, let dry individually, place in lined basket or bowl & refrigerate!


Colorful Egg-Easy Breakfast: Serve 1 or 2 colorful Eggs, in a nest of baby spinach, feathered Argula, Water Cress or in a nest of artificial grass!

Make it fun eating hard boiled colorful Eggs & benefit by Egg's nutrition!

Medical Caution: Be aware of Egg intolerance, Egg allergies, Cholesterol, recommendation is moderation in most meal plans. 
As always, Consult with your medical team!

Check out, delicious & healthy Egg recipes, on the Internet!

"Let's get Eggstatic!"

And, remember this 4th week's Spring-Splash's Goal of benefiting by Eggs & having fun, too, all year round!

"Happy Easter!"

Seize the Day!

Holly Fairfield

Sources: The Incredible Egg, Wikipedia & Splash's Original!

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