Splash! Get Fit, For You!

"Be Safe! Review & Protect Yourself , Apply Sun Screen, Guard Against Harmful Sun Rays & Know the meaning of "SPF! Sun Protection Factors!"

Welcome to the World of Spring-Splash!

We all hope to keep our skin looking healthy & free of skin diseases!

! There is little debate, dermatologist highly recommend to appropriately apply Sun Screen protection, often throughout the day, SPF of `40!

Most experts agree Sun Protection Factors, SPF's, do vary. But, a Sun Screen with a SPF of 40 will provide enough cover from harmful sun rays!

"Don't be tricked by expensive sun screens, promising above SPF 40." 


Shoppers of Sun Screen products should keep in mind, that the Food & Drug Administration, commonly known as the F. D. A.), only monitors claims & regulates, pertaining to:

1. Sun Protection Factors, ratings

2. Broad Spectrum, referring to both UVA & UVB protection

3. Water Resistance


"Keep in mind, both UVA & UVB rays can be harmful to the skin. And, both can be contributing factors of some skin sun burns, some skin irritations, aging & some skin cancers!

It is, however, the UVB which is a primary contributing factor to aging of the skin & is another contributing factor to Melanoma, a serious skin cancer."

Splash-Warning: Always take the extra time to carefully read the label of any Sun Protection product, for specifics, i. e., UVA, UVB protection, water resistance & application recommendations!

Are "tanning booth's safe? Verify what the exposure? UVA? UVB?

Verify the accuracy of the"minutes!"

minimize exposure; Always covering both eyes!

With proper Sun Screen, tanning booths can add "color" to the skin, without skin damage!

It is not appropriate for children, certain types or certain complexions!

Always exercise extreme caution!


And, don't forget about your eyes! Protect them with certified adequate lenses!


Remember to protect your head with a wide brim hat; Remembering to use sun screen on entire face, ears, neck, all around!

Keep a suitable cover-up handy, to avoid "burning!"


Just remember!

This 10 week's Springtime-Splash goal is to remind, alert, warn, about the dangers of sun "over" exposure "without adequate protection, from a Sun Screen reputable product, `40 SPF


Most common errors? People tend to forget to apply, at all!

Or, others forget to re-plying after getting wet!

Plus, remember, look for sun screens that have both UVA & UVB protection, otherwise there is risk of "sun damage!"!


Splash-Safety-Medical-Tip: As always, seek profession medical advice, regarding adequate "sun protection" for the entire family!


Be safe in the sun!

Seize the Day!

Holly Fairfield


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