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Why not start serving Freekeh to the whole family, in your favorite recipes?

Wait a minute! What the? Exactly, what is Freekeh?

Freekeh is an immature, green, wheat, with a distinctive Smokey flavor, considered, so, primarily due to it's cultivating and harvesting process. Freekeh is said to be hailed from Syria. It is a unique cracked wheat, cooked much like brown rice, with special spices, enhancing the hearty flavor. Enjoy Freekeh alone, sprinkled over food or get creative with any favorite recipe.

Suggested Freekeh Grain Serving Size, rich in protein & fiber: `1/4 to 1 Cup, for heartier appetites.

Splash-Suggestion: How about serving-up a batch of "Freekeh Meat Balls" as an appetizer or over a bed of Angel Hair Pasta?

Freekeh recipes are on the Internet, in abundance. Freekeh is also available at our local health food stores and at our Middle Eastern Markets.

Freekeh You, too!

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Holly Fairfield

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