Beta Vulgaris!

Numerous studies report:
- Improved blood pressure
- Improved blood flow
- Improved circulation
- improved heart health

And, much more for improving overall health!

"Beets" are considered a powerful vegetable anti-oxidant!

Canned beets are a convenience!

Finding fresh "beets" in the produce aisle, may be worth your time, rewarding in taste & nutrients!

Splash Cooking-tip : Cook for `15 minutes; Over cooking breaks down nutrients, destroying food value!

Find Beet Root supplements at your local health food store & on-line, also!

Find creative & delicious "beets" recipes on-line!

"Beets" are highly recommended! And, include Beta Vulgaris in your meal plan for at least "90 days" to fully realize the health benefits!

Discover the power of Beta Vulgaris for the whole family!

Seize the Day!

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