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Splash! "Exploring Essential Oils & More!" These work for me!

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Do you regularly use Essential Oils & hand creams? Sometimes? I'm thinking these tips may work for you, too? With Winter upon us, dry skin,stuffy noses, colds & a number unpleasant things, are coming, our way!! Nothing new! Everywhere you go, we are advised to "wash your hands!" That is especially before & after eating - among other things, right? It's a healthy habit!

It may wreak havoc, on your hands!! Dryness, redness, skin soreness, though!? Unsightly hands, especially during the Winter, if ya do nothing!! We keep hearing "Wash your hands!" Ugh!

Except! Constant washing, my hands, dry my skin, something awful! "Want to hear My Discovery!
I have to share! Terrific hand lotion made by Scruples, labeled "White Tea!" Use it? Heard of it?
Light! Works for me & my hands! Great stuff! I highly recommend this, I really do!

PLUS! SPLASH TIP! Keep a pair of heavy-duty gloves in your car, to use while gassing up!
That's an oldie! But, it's a "goodie" @ the pump! More, "Splash-Sharing!" Aroma Therapy

We read & hear about "aroma therapy! I'm no authority! I invite you to do your own fact finding!

As for me, I've been using "Peppermint Oil" to invigorate & revitalize my feet! Stimulating! Ah! What I've done is to rub some petroleum jelly - apply a couple drops of Peppermint Oil, on my feet massage thoroughly & slip on some socks! Continue massaging, for a few minutes! It feels terrific! Refreshing! Great just after the shower! Or, any time for tired feet!

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Melaleuca Oil! AKA Tea Tree Oil! Powerful stuff! Do you use it? Have you used it? This is for external healing, , for skin rashes or infection, as it is labeled. Do you sweat? I sweat when I work out!

From time, to time, I get a "heat rash" after working out. And, I just rub a couple drops on the area, carefully. Likewise, handle this oil sparingly & carefully apply, avoid face, eyes! Could irritate, is definitely not for "everywhere" on the body after a shower & during the day or before bed time, re-apply! It's terrific! But, have to warn ya about the smell! Whew! That's Melaleuca Oil!

Kwan Loong!

It helps me to breathe easier! Outstanding! One or 2 drops or so, sparingly applied to a piece of fabric, very carefully applied on my shirt, handkerchief or pajamas! Better read the directions, also! This fabulous oil opens up my air passages, nose & lungs! It's powerful! NOTE!
Never to be applied on the face, or directly to your skin! Absolutely not! Avoid the eyes! It reminds me of Vicks Vapor Rub!! Consider this powerful oil medicinal! I use it more often during the Winter! For me, it's more like a "preventative" avoiding a chill or cold! I have asthma! I really breathe easier with it!

Lavender Oil
I keep hearing about the benefits! I hear it's for calming, relaxing! No doubts! But, what really works for me is Coconut Oil! Ah! Ya know, that Copper Tone aroma! One whiff, I'm "on the beach!" That's what I use when I want to relax! Works every time! Ha, I keep my beach towel handy! Aloha!

And, about "Oils" on the inside? Surely! Salads don't have to be boring, anymore! Olive Oil is a popular favorite! Have you tried Sesame, Canola or Almond Oil on your salad? Others? As a complement! Like different kinds of vinegar? There are several seemingly new delicious -- vinegar's, to accompany your "oil & taste buds!! Spicy, zesty or herbal? You be the judge! Add your favorite seasonings! Voila! Petite appetite! Go crazy, if you want to! I do!

What works for you? I'd love to hear!

Hope that you've enjoyed this week's Splash, as much as I've enjoyed writing it! And, try something "Splash!"

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