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The 9th SPLASH! Beach-Body Fitness Secret-Reveals the significance of our "upper arm, the HUMERUS; This long upper arm bone is attached at both ends, at the elbow joint & at the shoulder joint."

ANATOMY 103: "The HUMERUS, connects, directly or indirectly, with several muscle groups & bones; To the Scapular (upper back), to the Deltoid, across the shoulder joint, to the Clavicle )collar bone), to the Pectoral muscle & to the chest wall."

Additionally, the HUMERUS, itself, is wrapped in 2 major muscle groups "BICEPS (upper muscle) & TRICEPS (lower) muscle."


As we know, babies use their HUMERUS, as part of their natural development, elbows, forearms, hands & knees to get moving, referred to "crawling on all fours" before they have the strength to walk upright.

Crawling is a good way to get the HUMERUS engaged. And, is a natural way, without weights, to build upper body strength, along with push-ups.

Crawling & doing simple floor exercises is an easy way to keep the HUMERUS in good shape; firm & strong!

Don't avoid getting down on the floor, to play with the kids!

Just being on "all fours" is often part of upper body rehabilitation after injury, too!

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But, what we want is to avoid injury, right?

So, let's go to work on our HUMERUS!

We want balance; Do a visual inspection, right now!

Examine your upper arms!

You be the judge!
Should you build muscle to protect the HUMERUS & shoulder joint?
And, to improve the appearance of your Beach-Body?

Work with a knowledgeable person or a professional trainer to develop a workout, especially designed for your body!


Just remember! The 9th SPLASH! Beach-Body Fitness Secret-Reveals The vital importance of our HUMERUS!

Important: having well shaped, strong, upper arms, for our Beach-Body's, which are attractive to look at! Consider the important role that the HUMERUS plays in daily living skills, sports & our self defense!

Consider having a regular workout, to include:
Push-up, pull-ups, Lifting free hand weights, among many other exercises & sports, to build & shape, as well as to protect from injury, both the elbow & shoulder joints, with a well-defined HUMERUS!

"Splash wants to "pump you-up!"

Go get 'em!

Holly Fairfield

Sources: Gray's Anatomy & Wikipedia.

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