SPLASH! Welcome to the World of Summer-Splash!

Let's dive right in with an undeniable fact!

"Proper exercise, sports & activities improves the health, appearance & shape of the legs."

The 7th Splash! Beach-Body Fitness Secret-Reveals the importance of our THIGHS; The long bone "considered part of the lower limb, along with our ankles & feet."

"The health & strength of the THIGH, is a key factor to our prolonged mobility" and& the sexier look of our Beach-Body's!

Read on!

Just dealing with Gross Anatomy, the Study of the "Anatomical structure seen by the naked eye, indicates that the THIGH, in Latin, the FEMUR, described as the heavy, long, bone is connected at both ends."

As part of the lower limb, going down, there is the KNEE & the KNEE CAP, the PATELLA, connected with the CONDYLAR joint, involving the shin, ankle & feet." This joint, the CONDYLAR, only "bends, folds one way & helps to support our body weight."

Going up?

At the other end of the THIGH bone, is another joint, described as a BALL & SOCKET, connecting to the PELVIS with the HIP, wrapped in a muscle group, fat,, tendons & ligaments."

Thus, our THIGHS providing an essential "conduit to the upper body!


I grab my kitchen chair & stand, sit, repeat up to 25 REPS!

Then, I place & squeeze a small pillow between my THIGHS! And, do 25 more REPS!

Plus! Another favorite is CYCLING!

"Let's do strengthening activities! Want to?"

Kick-Boxing, Climbing, Horseback Riding, take the Stairs, Hiking, Ballet, Dancing, Deep KNEE bends, Lunging, Cycling, Running, Jogging, Walking & hit the gym for some THIGH strengthening!

Just thinking of fun ways to keep our THIGHS "fit & firm!"

Plus! Consider doing floor exercises, regularly! Keep the ability to Crawl, Kneel on both legs; Then, Kneel on one leg, switch leg's and stand!

"Work out your own floor exercise routine. And, find what works best for your body! It will pay off, over this Summer!"

NOTE: It's very important to do some stretching, before & after an exercise routine, esp., for your THIGHS, as a "warm-up & cool-down" to avoid injury!

It's like the old saying "Use it or lose it!"
That's so true for our THIGHS!


"Work at it, develop a strong inner & outer muscle, both THIGHS evenly, to strengthen your LOWER BODY. It's rewarding"

MEDICAL NOTE: As always, seek approval of your doctors, before starting any exercise program!


Just remember!
The 7th SPLASH Beach-Body Fitness Secret-Reveals the importance of keeping our THIGHS fit!

Research-Tip: Check out Gray's anatomy & Physiology reference text for more detailed information about the human leg.

Climb your way to sexier THIGHS, this Summer! And, hit the beach!

Go get 'em!

Holly Fairfield

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