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"Head's Up!"

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The 10th Beach-Body Secret-Reveals the importance & acknowledgement of "Face & Neck "structural anatomy & thee benefit of amazing Head & Neck Fitness!


Anatomy 104.0.
"the HEAD contains "14 facial bones, along with the teeth, cartilage to shape the nose & ears, numerous muscles, esp., the large muscle "the tongue. And, our amazing "eyes."

Additionally the human head, AKA, the SKULL, also, contains our brain matter, houses the semi-mysterious conscious & unconscious mind, the central controlling nervous system, holds glands, among other vital controlling bodily functions.


"The NECK is the narrowing link, to the torso, that distinguishes the HEAD from the main body.

Described as the "cervical spine, C 1 through C-7."

"C-1,AKA, ATLAS, because it supports the globe, the HEAD, through C-7, the last link defined as the cervical spinal bony connection, C-7. The lowest point in the spinal column, the vertebrae which does not connect to the rib cage."


Just providing you with a "raw" summary, for a rather complex area of the human body!

Our heads, or unique faces, serve as our identity, along with our fingerprints & DNA, amazing stuff!

The way we look to each other, the way we look in the mirror, is who we are!

Most of us are "spittin' image" of our Mom or our Dad! Or, Grandparent, Aunt or Uncle!

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Sure, not always! But, our DNA pre-conditions us to a variety of health issues, body type, bone structure, generally described as "pure ole anatomy!"

So, what can we do about it?

"Let's go to work, on what we can!"

There's diet, fitness & lifestyle changes, for starters, if you really want to make some changes!!


Splash-Suggestions on HEAD & NECK Fitness:

Make a daily habit to: Do HEAD & Neck-rolls, easily, to both sides, turn Head to both sides, look up & down, gently loosen each of the vertebra, C-1 through C-7.

Do SHOULDER - shrugs, repeatedly, loosening the upper body.
Have fun making every expression, that you can think of, repeatedly.

Do Mouth-Fitness, by smiling, grinning, while putting your TONGUE to work "inside & outside" your mouth!

Get creative, quick movements, seem to have more benefit, with these "short muscles."

Believe it, or not! There are "eye exercises" that claim of improved vision!

An example is, using both eyes, imagine a large clock on the wall. Then, focus on each number & carefully & distinctly, using your eyes circle the clock, 12:00 high, 1:00 & so, on, making complete circles with your eyes!
Close & open your eyes "rapidly!"

Try to use every muscle in your face & neck, everyday, rapidly, for best results! But, there are no guarantees!

Just remember! The 10 Splash Beach-Body Fitness-Reveals the importance of HEAD & NECK Fitness!

"Let's Smile & Pucker Up!"

Go get 'em!

Holly Fairfield

Primary Sources: Gray's Anatomy & Wikipedia, Human Anatomy.