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Splash is discovering the "magic" for radiant skin, by using these organic products: Witch Hazel, Vitamin E, Cocoa Butter & Loofah

Let's dive in!


"What is Witch Hazel, anyway?"

In simple terms, Witch Hazel is an herbal astringent made from a flowering shrub; There 3 species in North America!
(Who knew?)

This "herbal astringent" is known to ease bruising, blemishes, used as a toner, soothes insect bites & cool sun burns!

As for me! This is what I've been doing, at any time of day or evening, when I want to "freshen-up" my face!

First, I use a hot wash cloth to wipe my face, neck & shoulders.

Then, I splash on some Witch Hazel!
I use a cotton ball or soft cloth to generously apply the herbal astringent to my skin; Gently pat dry!

It is refreshing!

It soothes & clears my skin!

Vitamin E

What is Vitamin E, as it relates to it's "skin healing properties?"

Vitamin E can heal the most horrendous bruises, scrapes & sores, on the surface of the skin!

When purchasing as a supplement, liquid Vitamin E capsules" originate from a family of vitamins, all working as a powerful "antioxidant."

Just puncture multiple capsules, squeeze directly onto the bruised area. Keep at it. And, it should heal nicely , over time! Amazing!

Cocoa Butter

What is Cocoa Butter?

Cocoa Butter is extracted from the cocoa bean. It's usually a "soft yellow butter like" substance. It will melt at body temperature.

It is an outstanding moisturizer, with a delicious aroma!

For centuries, all over the world, Cocoa Butter has been used to alleviate dry skin, discoloration, dermatitis & to repair sun damaged skin!

For best "absorption" use after bathing!!!!"

Plus! I just picked up a "Cocoa Butter "scrub" the other day.
It works great!

After thoroughly drying, I "sparingly" apply the cocoa butter; It went on so smoothly! Fabulous stuff! Scrumptious aroma!


What is a "Loofah? (You got mme!)

Loofah is some type of tropical vine! But, there many variations of Loofah products, to be sure!

They are fabulous to "smooth" the surface of your skin! Works like "sand paper!"

Recommended to use in a circular motion, gently removing dry skin, before or in the shower!

I have one that I can hang, to dry thoroughly; Which is important!!
Otherwise, it will gather bacteria!

I do hope that you enjoyed this week's Splash! And, will try these Splash-Tips!

Enjoy your radiant skin!

Your skin will always be inviting!

Oh, plus! Great gift ideas for Valentine's Day! Don't forget your sweet heart, this year!

Go get 'em!

Holly Fairfield

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