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Discovering Chrome Therapy, Color Therapy!

"Colors are one of the languages of the soul."

Definition of "colors!"

"Colors have a certain wave length of electric-magnetic energy, seen through our eyes. The colors that we see is part of the visible spectrum that is reflected back by a certain object."

Additionally, "we know that all colors gives us white light; Harmony, a perfect union."

Splash is exploring Chromo Therapy, Color Therapy; For purposes of this article,,, let's simply refer to this amazing holistic approach as "CT! 

It's fascinating, when you open your conscious mind to the possibilities & potential of CT!

What colors are you seeing? What colors are you eating? What colors are you wearing? What are your favorite colors? 

What colors frequently surround you? 

What are your colors broadcasting about you to others?

Are you being influenced by your color choices?

Do you choose different colors for different Seasons?

Are you influenced by color choices of others?

Do you have a Color philosophy?

Consider what role color plays in your feelings, emotions, in your life & what potential CT could do for you & your whole family's health!

We all have an unique visual perception, little debate about this point. However, does COLOR have the power to alter our emotions, mood, health or unconscious mind, by practicing CT?

Wait a minute! What is CT, by definition? ?

To state it simplistically, CT is a complementary medicine, believed to have a force
as the light & color enter the eyes or another part of the body, this triggers the hormonal & nervous systems restoring proper vibrations, that which influence our biochemistry, allowing our bodies to heal themselves, as it pertains to what we allow ourselves to absorb & be naturally influenced! 

Too far out, for you? 
Factual point! 
"Every color has n unique frequency" and, consequently, possesses it's own vibration!"

"High frequencies versus low frequencies!"

Noteworthy, it is highly recommended by nutritionists, to eat a diet rich in a variety of "colors!" 
What does the color of the food, honestly, have to do with the "food value?


Highlights of CT:

- Blue is calming!
- GREEN is Healing! 
- RED reduces Pain or Swelling & represents passion.
-ORANGE stimulates creativity!
YELLOW is uplifting & is compared to sunshine; May promote a healthy appetite & good for the skin & liver.!

- PINK & VIOLET: Appetite Suppressant

- Brown represents grounding, healing for animals; Conservation of our environment!

Plus, much more involved with all aspects of CT!!

As well as in Ancient times & different cultures all over the world, to many modern researchers is establishing a link between colors, and our state of mind, mood & the state of our overall health!

Explore the wonders of Color Therapy!

Colors, Colors, Colors!

Does COLOR play a role in your mood, life-style, emotions, , or overall health?

CT is fascinating! And, may be worth investigating, to complement your approach to wellness!

Join the debate!

Go get 'em!

Holly Fairfield

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