SNIP Alliance and Partners For Pets celebrated the completion of a two-year grant from PetSmart and a one year grant received from Madison County Animal Care Control Department that enabled the organizations to provide $10.00 spay-neuter services for over 2,200 dogs and cats.  On average last year in Madison County, more than 2,000 animals were euthanized because of pet overpopulation. There are simply not enough homes for the litters of kittens and puppies born yearly in our county.  Sandra Eaves, President of SNIP Alliance stated, “We have been successful in reducing the intake of unwanted animals by providing these low-cost spay-neuter clinics; however, the problem of over-breeding animals is so bad that we must continue these clinics and provide public education every chance we have.”

Although the grant requirements have been fulfilled, there are many low-income pet owners still in need of these services.  The pet-owner is charged $10.00 per animal, compared to the actual $60.00 cost of the procedures.  Sponsors and donations are always needed to keep these clinics running.

Plans for the summer include a public outreach campaign focusing on providing spay/neuter services to cats and pit bull terriers.  An unspayed cat can start having kittens at six months old, sometimes producing three litters a year.  Pit bull terriers have the highest rate of euthanasia at animal control facilities.  By educating the owners about the health benefits for their pets and providing the low-cost surgeries we can further decrease pet overpopulation and the rate of euthanasia in our county.  SNIP Alliance and Partners For Pets hope to obtain additional grants and sponsors to keep their clinics running for another two years and beyond. 

To inquire about low-cost spay-neuter clinics or make donations or sponsor the clinics SNIP Alliance can be reached at 618 488-2656 or via email at


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