After thanking his wife and family for all their support and sacrifice, State Senator Bill Haine (D-Alton) said Tuesday night he once again is honored and humbled by the voters.  While thanking volunteers and supporters gathered at the Alton Knights of Columbus Hall, Haine also congratulated his opponent for a hard fought race.

      "Throughout my life in public service I have always had the support and sacrifice of my wife, Anna, and all my children.  They have always been right there with me," Haine said.  "And, we could not have been successful without the hard work of all the volunteers who knocked on doors, made phone calls, whatever it may have been.  I'm honored you chose to join our campaign."

         "I also want to take a moment to congratulate Mike Babcock on a hard fought campaign.  I know he truly believes in the principals he stands on.  We do not necessarily agree on some things, but he fought a great fight for all of those beliefs, and that also is what this country is all about."

         Whether people voted for him or his opponent, Haine thanked everyone who took the time to participate in the process.  "It's the voters who truly power this country," Haine said.

         "In the end, the voters have the last word.  It’s both an honor and humbling to receive this great outpouring of support for the opportunity to serve my community," He said.  "When people cast a vote for you they are saying they trust the job you are doing and they trust your judgment to make decisions on their behalf."

         Haine said this race has been one great debate on the issues with both candidates presenting their views and agenda with a great back and forth exchange between the two in the mail, on TV, in the newspapers and at various forums around our area.

          "I know not everyone agrees with every decision I've made but at the end of the day we are all working for the same goal, to make our country, state and our neighborhoods an even better place for our families," Haine said. 

         "That’s why I've always reached out to the other side of the aisle and reached out to business and labor, community leaders and educators, to work together to move our communities forward.  And I pledge to continue working to that end from today going forward." 

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