ST. LOUIS, MO – SCSSTUDIOFILMZ is proud to announce the opening of BATS IN THE CLOCKTOWER an action, non-profit, fan film starring, Erik A. Williams - The Riddler, Ryan Gregory - The Joker, Doug Fesler – Batman, Mike Farmer - The Penguin. The film was written, produced and directed by Scott Stoltz, with support by Co Producers, Kerri Stoltz, and JC Chandler and Associate Producer Donny Blake.

BATS IN THE CLOCKTOWER - Blocked by four walls like “Bats in the Clocktower”, Alfred Pennyworth realizes his master’s life swirls in chaos and his alter ego Batman has lost control of Gotham City. Alfred has set out to save the legacy by intercepting the phenomenon that comes to earth once every 60 years. Gotham has fallen victim to its darkest foes, whose chilling leader has come to power, crushing the city with jokes and riddles. Now the second face of crime is determined to destroy the legacy and the foundation it was built upon.

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SCSSTUDIOFILMZ and Scott Stoltz produced this non-profit fan film to display his and the crews ability to complete a film of this scale on a micro-budget. Having multiple films slated for 2011 and 2012 release, we look forward to producing more films the future and we thank you for your support.


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BATS IN THE CLOCKTOWER is a Batman fan film feature that not only includes characters from all the different Bat mythos and his rogue gallery but from around the DC Universe.

Film industry critics that have viewed the film estimate the films budget between $150,000-$300,000. Thus, stamping the films noticeable worth and value in today’s film industry. Launching SCSSTUDIOFILMS into the world of movie magic and a bright future.

Tickets went on sale July 7, 2011, as of July 23 was sold out, so the showing has been moved to the main theater room at the Tivoli.

Be that the BATS IN THE CLOCKTOWER is a non-profit fan film, SCSSTUDIOFILMZ plans to donate any profits made from the films screeings to regional non-profit organizations. Some of which are Calico Arts Project, Jacoby Arts Center, Regional Arts Commission, and Edwardsville Arts Center to name a few. Please come out and support our film and the local arts.


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