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ALTON - There’s a new show on the airwaves.

“You’re Beautiful” with Brian Trust premieres at 2 p.m. every Thursday on This hour-long show delves into Trust’s relationship with God and how that relationship has made him a better person, and he is excited to share his faith journey with his newfound audience.

“I’m in a happy place in my life right now. I owe that to my relationship with Jesus,” Trust said. “I stress like every one of us stresses. But with my relationship with Jesus, I know how to handle things way better than I used to. By being a better version of myself, I handle stress better. I like to give back and the power of positivity.”

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With testimonies, guests and on-air phone calls, Trust’s show combines the fun of a live radio talk show with his sincerity as he discusses how religion has shaped his life and helped him find patience and compassion. He explained the role that God plays in his day-to-day life, from granting him the peace he needs to accomplish his tasks to the gratitude he enjoys every morning when he wakes up.

But Trust cautions that he isn’t your average preacher. In fact, he’s not a preacher at all. He doesn’t know scripture by heart, and he rarely goes to church. His faith is personal, and that makes it universal for a lot of audience members who resonate with Trust’s authenticity.

“Don’t get me wrong. I’m still an eff-up. I still drink a beer and I still say curse words. What this show is, it’s a real person talking about real things. I’m not necessarily shoving scripture down your throat, because I don’t know scripture,” Trust explained. “People who go to school to preach the word of Jesus, practice the word of Jesus, and that’s the only thing they know, as opposed to a guy who might drop the F bomb or you see me drinking a beer. You can still live life, but if you have a relationship with Him while you’re living life, your actions will be different. Your stress levels will reduce.”

Already, Trust’s honesty has garnered him a devoted audience after his first show last Thursday, June 6, 2024. He has received a lot of messages from people who are eager to hear what else he has to share. He encourages everyone to listen in to learn more about the Lord and how to foster your own relationship with Him.

You can call or text Trust at 314-699-4294 to learn more about the show and potentially be featured on the air. Visit to watch the next episode of “You’re Beautiful” with Brian Trust.

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