Republic Services is proud to partner with the City of Edwardsville Police Department by donating a kiosk for disposal of unwanted medication for use by Edwardsville residents.  The kiosk provides an environmentally safe way for residents to dispose of unwanted/unused prescription and over the counter medicines. 

It is estimated that about 89% of unwanted medication is either thrown in the trash or flushed down the toilet, neither of which are an environmentally responsible way to dispose of it.  Medication thrown in the trash can be scavenged for sharing or selling, and poison children and animals.  Medication flushed down the toilet can contaminate our water supply and has been shown to kill beneficial bacteria responsible for breaking down waste in sewage plants. 

“We are pleased to provide this safe method of medication disposal to our community.  Besides the environmental effects of improper disposal, we also are hopeful it will help us keep the drugs out of the hands of our youth, where abuse can begin at an early age and have devastating effects on them and their family as well as our entire community,” states Alderwoman Janet Stack, Chair of the Public Safety Committee.

“We are happy to donate this kiosk to the Police Department.  It will be beneficial for the entire Edwardsville community and provide a safe way to dispose of unwanted medication,” states Susan Piazza, Manager of Municipal Services for Republic Services.

The kiosk has been installed in the main lobby of the Edwardsville Police Department, located at 400 North Main Street, and medications can be dropped off 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Unwanted prescriptions and over the counter medicine, as well as expired medication preferably in its original container is acceptable. The medication disposal kiosk will not accept mercury thermometers, sharps/needles, biomedical waste, compressed gas containers, aerosol cans, or pharmaceuticals from physicians’ offices or pharmacies.

Any questions regarding the disposal of your unwanted or unused medications should be directed to Edwardsville Police Lt. Charles Kohlberg at 618.656.7527.

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