Even if you’ve been a good recycler all year long, what to do with holiday decorations and gift wrap may present a challenge. Is wrapping paper recyclable? What about Christmas tree ornaments? Tinsel?

To answers those questions, Republic Services has its own “naughty and nice” list of recyclable holiday materials.

NICE  (recyclable)                                         NAUGHTY (not recyclable)

Gift boxes                                               Bubble wrap (consider reusing)

Tissue paper                                           Metallic wrapping paper (consider reusing)

Shoe boxes                                            Ribbon and bows (consider reusing)

Christmas tree                                        Anything on the tree

Holiday cards/envelopes                          Sticky gift labels

Gift bags (if paper)                                 Gift bags if coated, laminated, dyed

Wrapping Paper (non-metallic)                 Foam peanuts (some UPS stores will accept/re-use)


Ribbons and bows cannot be recycled because they aren't paper products. Christmas trees must be stripped of all decorations (tinsel, lights, bells, ornaments, etc.) before the tree can be mulched or composted      .

Republic Services suggests that there are creative and practical ways to reuse items that are not recyclable. For example, use sustainable packing materials when packing and sending gifts. Instead of purchasing new foam peanuts, use shredded newspaper or even popcorn. Foam peanuts are made from polystyrene and are usually not recyclable. If you receive foam peanuts in packages, consider reusing them for later shipping.

For those holiday greeting cards you receive this season, recycle paperboard and paper envelopes. If you just can’t bear to toss them in the bin, use them to make a festive gift tag.


More clever ideas for recycling and reusing holiday materials can be found at:

http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/2454324/how_to_save_store_and_recycle_christmas.html?cat=57 and




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