WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Rep. Robin L. Kelly (IL-02), announced critical investments for Illinois that have been included in the bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, which Rep. Kelly voted to pass last Friday. Illinois recently received a C- rating on its infrastructure report card from the American Society of Civil Engineers and is set to receive billions of dollars in investment through the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.

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“Our state of Illinois has suffered from a lack of investment for decades, and people who live here are paying the price,” said Congresswoman Robin Kelly. “We have 2,374 bridges and more than 6,218 miles of highway in need of repair. These poor road conditions are leading to increased costs and commute times for our drivers, with the average commute time up 7.3% and the average driver paying $609 in costs in each due to driving on roads in poor condition. This bill will invest in our roads, public transportation and in ensuring our infrastructure is not only up to date but ready for the future.”

“Additionally, we are investing in broadband infrastructure to ensure that every household in Illinois has reliable, affordable internet access,” continued Congresswoman Kelly. “We’re investing in public health and safety, with Illinois set to receive more than $1 billion to replace lead service lines and pipes, and tens of millions of dollars to recover and protect us from extreme weather events. The bottom line is that this historic legislation will benefit every person in Illinois.”

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The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act will help Illinoisans by:

  • Repairing and rebuilding our roads and bridges with a focus on climate change mitigation, resilience, equity and safety for all users, including cyclists and pedestrians. Illinois is expected to receive $9.8 billion for federal-aid highway programs and $1.4 billion for bridge replacement and repairs over the next five years.
  • Improving healthy, sustainable transportation options. Illinoisans who take public transportation spend an extra 68.3% of their time commuting. 21% of trains and other transit vehicles in the state are overdue for repair and replacement. Illinois is expected to receive $4 billion over five years to improve public transportation options across the state.

  • Delivering clean drinking water to every American and eliminating the nation’s lead service lines and pipes. Currently, up to 10 million American households and 400,000 schools and child care centers lack safe drinking water. Under the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, Illinois will expect to receive $1.7 billion over five years to improve water infrastructure across the state and ensure that clean, safe drinking water is a right in all communities.
  • Helping every American connect to reliable high-speed internet. As many as 14% of Illinois households do not have an internet subscription. Through the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, Illinois is expected to receive a minimum allocation of $100 million to help provide broadband coverage across the state, including providing access to at least 228,000 Illinoisians who currently lack it. Additionally, 23% of people in Illinois will be eligible for the Affordability Connectivity Benefit, which will help low-income families afford internet access.
  • Improving our nation’s airports. Under the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, airports in Illinois would receive approximately $616 million for infrastructure development for airports over five years.

  • Preparing more of our infrastructure for the impacts of climate change, cyberattacks and extreme weather events. From 2010 to 2020, Illinois has experienced 48 extreme weather events, costing the state up to $50 billion in damages. Through this bill, Illinois will expect to receive $27 million over five years to protect against wildfires and $22 million to protect against cyberattacks. Illinoisans will also benefit from the bill’s historic $3.5 billion national investment in weatherization which will reduce energy costs for families.

  • Building a network of electric vehicle (EV) chargers to facilitate long-distance travel and provide convenient charging options. Illinois is expected to receive $149 million over five years to support the expansion of EV charging networks.

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