Edwardsville, IL...On Wednesday February 6, Illinois Governor Pat Quinn will present his fourth 'State of the State' address to members of the Illinois General Assembly. Illinois State Representative Dwight Kay (R-Glen Carbon) anticipates Governor Quinn will update the legislature on Illinois' current financial situation.

  "The Governor must propose a plan to dig us out of the hole we are in and I hope the Governor conveys the truth about Illinois' finances and does not sugarcoat our fiscal crisis," said Rep. Kay. "The legislature is well aware of the danger which lies ahead if there is no plan to get our state finances under control. I would like to hear the Governor propose a plan that helps grow our economy without spending more than what's in the bank, including a plan to get our state out of debt."

  Governor Quinn can't ignore Illinois' current fiscal crisis. Illinois has the worst credit rating in the nation, the worst pension debt in the nation, and is crippled with an estimated backlog of $9 billion in unpaid bills. To top it off, the temporary 67% income tax hike signed into law by Governor Quinn generated $7.5 billion in new revenue in 2011. With the income tax hike set to phase down in 2014, the Governor is faced with the challenge of developing a plan to ensure the temporary tax is indeed temporary.

  "I am curious if the Governor will propose a plan to phase out the 67% income tax hike, if not what is his plan to curb spending," said Rep. Kay. "I would like to see the Governor develop a plan to protect our hardworking taxpayers by phasing out the income tax hike."

  The Governor is scheduled to present his annual State of the State at Noon to members of the both the House and Senate at the Illinois Capitol on Wednesday. To view the Governor's State of the State please visit www.ilga.gov/house/audvid.asp. For up to date reaction on the State of the State, follow Rep. Kay on Facebook or visit www.kay.ilhousegop.org

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