My name is Sydnei Lenihan. I wanted to let my fellow "Riverbenders" know about my new endeavor. Relax It's Done is a service I provide to give you the gift of time. What I do is, I come to your house, clean the heck out of it and leave dinner in the fridge for you (if you are interested in having dinner provided). I am certified in food sanitation so I have the necessary knowledge to prepare yummy dinners for my clients.

I love to cook so I use quality ingredients and love to make dishes that your family will enjoy. The meals are set up in a "Meal Deal" fashion. I prepare the main dish and a side dish , bring them to you and put them in the refrigerator for you. I do plan to change the meals up every couple of weeks to keep it interesting and to stay somewhat relevant to the current season, let's face it, no one wants Sheppard's Pie in August!

As far as the house cleaning goes, I will charge a flat rate for your home. My services include: sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, dusting, wiping down appliances, cleaning out microwaves and polishing cabinets . I do offer "a la cart" items as well. Those items are priced separately. Some of those items include: cleaning ceiling fans, doing laundry, grocery shopping, ironing hubby's work shirts, cleaning bed rails, wrangling dust bunnies that live on top of the fridge that you pretend aren't there (it's ok, we all do it) and cobweb removal from ceilings and corners. All that really fun stuff we love to do!

Ladies, don't be afraid to take credit for the work I do, let me be your secret weapon! With all the " hard work " you've been doing, you could get that extra pat on the back, that we all deserve or a night out with girlfriends!!

It is good for the guys too! If you have a special night planned, give me a call. I will clean your home and bring a nice meal for YOU to take all the credit for! Your honey will appreciate it and it will get you some serious brownie points!

This service also works for people who just need some meals prepared. Give me a call, I will get some meals assembled for you, bring them to the house and pop them in the fridge for you!

Everyone can benefit from this service. After a long day at work you can come home to a clean house and dinner that is ready to be placed in the oven. You can grab that glass of wine and relax, it's done!

Call me today for a quote 618.410.6131 and ask for Sydnei.

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