PIASA - The Southwestern Piasa Birds varsity football team is off to a sensational start and one of the key reasons has been quarterback Quentin Strohbeck.

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In a recent victory against Greenville High School at Piasa, by the end of the night, Southwestern was not only the home of the Piasa Bird but was the owner of the first undefeated start through four games. Piasa would defeat the Comets in a titillating 28-27 victory.

The Birds and the Comets offense and defensive were on full display for family and friends. No player’s game perceptually soared as high as Piasa’s quarterback, Quentin Strohbeck. Southwestern lost a week ago to Pana, so the Piasa Birds stand 4-1 after five games.

With stats for four games tabulated for Strohbeck, he had completed 21 of 34 passes for 304 yards and four touchdowns and rushed 17 times for 102 yards from the quarterback position.

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The 6-foot junior quarterback had something to do with all 28 points for Southwestern against Greenville. Strohbeck would combine for three rushing touchdowns, one passing touchdown, and 142 passing yards. When asked how it felt to have such a large contribution to the Birds’ victory, Strohbeck was quick to credit his teammates for his success against the Comets: “I don’t consider them my touchdowns; I consider them our touchdowns. It happened together. It happened because our lineman had their blocks, receivers got open, and everything fell into play because of the team.”

Strobeck got his blocks, his receivers got open, and according to number No. 3, one of the Birds’ biggest accomplishments “… was moving the ball.” Strohbeck commented: "Football is a big team sport and everyone’s individual success is based on the team’s effort. Ultimately, what I do, it doesn’t matter because it was all the team.”

One thing that makes Strohbeck a leader is his intent to be ready for the next game as soon as one ends. After Friday night’s celebration, Strohbeck and the Birds will get right back to work as they get ready for their next opponent.

The Piasa football team has a team-first, me second mentality. When asked who is responsible for setting such a successful identity, “coach does. All the coaches do but Coach Pat Keith is the main one. He talks about how every practice is the playoffs. How he and all the coaching staff helps us prepare is amazing and helps get us ready to go.”

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