Republican candidates did very well in races in Calhoun, Jersey and Macoupin Counties on Election Night on Tuesday, winning seats to their respective County Boards.

In Calhoun County, three Democratic incumbents --- Circuit Clerk Yvonne M. McCauley, State's Attorney Richard J. Ringhausen and Supervisor of Assessments Anna J. Kronable --- were all unopposed, while in a race for County Commissioner, Republican Kimberly R. Klaas won the race with 1,024 votes, or 36 percent, with independent Deann Koster-Fester having 1,022 votes, also 36 percent, and Paul T. "Snow" Herbert gaining 710 votes, or 25 percent.

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Over in Jersey County, Republican Daniel P. Schetter won the office of Circuit Clerk over Democratic candidate Charles E. Huebener 6,062-5,535, or 52.3 percent to 47.7 percent. In the District 2 County Board race, Republican Eric Ivers and Democrat Scott Tonsor both won election to the board, Ivers being the leading vote-getter with 1,734, or 41.1 percent, with Tonsor picking up 1,491 votes, or 35.6 percent. The third-place candidate was Democrat Tom Glynn, who had 990 votes, or 23.5 percent. In a race for the Seventh Circuit Judge, Democrat Allison Lorton won the seat over Republican Donald R. Schaaf, Jr. 6.341-5,327, or 54.4 percent to 45.7 percent. Two other judges --- Chris Reif and John "Mo" Madonia --- won retainment in the county vote.

Several other candidates --- Democrat Ben Goetten for State's Attorney, Republican Coroner Larry J. Alexander, District 1 County Board members Republican Ben Heitzig and Democrat Mary E. Kirbach, Democratic Third District member Brian Kanallakan, District 4 Republican member Gary Krueger, and seventh Circuit Judge Gail Noll --- all ran unopposed.

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In Greene County, three candidates --- Republican Shirley Thornton for Circuit Clerk, Democrat Danny Powell for Coroner and Republican Caleb Briscoe for State's Attorney --- all ran unopposed, while four candidates --- Republicans Earlene Castleberry, Christy Ford and Mark Strang, along with Democrat Joyce Clark --- ran for four seats on the County Board. Thornton had 5,592 votes in the circuit clerk election, Briscoe recorded 5,385 votes unopposed, Powell had 4,731 votes in the coroner position and the county board votes went as follows: Ford, 4,247, Strang, 3,887, Castleberry, 3,417, and Clark 2,550.

In the Macoupin County Board races, Republican candidate Lyndel Klausing won an unexpired two-year term in District 1, winning over Democrat Chi Ebert Felo 1,824-982, or 66.2 percent to 33.8 percent. In District 2, Republican Jon C. Payne and Republican Gordon L. Heuer were elected to the board, with Payne the leading vote-getter with 1,550 votes, or 32.2 percent, and Heuer the runner-up with 1,345 votes, or 28 percent. Two other Democrats --- Francis Wiseman and Gary G. Rull --- had vote totals of 974 and 943, with percentages of 20.2 and 19.6.

In the fifth district, Republican Larry Schmidt and Democrat Ruth Ann Pomatto won election to the board, with Schmidt the leading vote-getter with 1,360, or 36.7 percent, and Pomatto close behind with 1,336, or 36 percent. The third-place candidate, Republican John J. Blank, had 1,011 votes, or 27.3 percent. The District 7 race saw Republicans Bernard C. Kiel and James Ibberson elected to the board, with Kiel taking 1,461 votes, 42 percent, and Ibberson 1,089, 31.3 percent. Coming in third was Democrat Shielda K. Lewis, with 929 votes, 26.7 percent.

Reif and Madonia also won retention as judges in the Seventh Circuit, while Noll and Adam Giganti were unopposed for Circuit Court Judge, as was County Board candidate Matthew R. Accord was unopposed for an unexpired two-year term in District 3.

In ballot propositions, a property tax proposal for North Otter and North Palmyra was overwhelmingly rejected by voters 833-139, 85.7 percent to 14.3 percent. Other propositions were approved, such as Gillespie and Benld ambulance service by both the Carlinville Fire Protection District, 2,557-1,642, 60.9 percent to 39.1 percent, and the Unit 7 Fire Protection District 2,021-1,422, 58.7 percent to 41.3 percent. Another proposal for the Prairieland Ambulance Service passed in both the Girard Fire Protection District 1.261-547, 69.8 percent to 30.3 percent, and in the Virden Fire Protection District 1,145-494, 69.9 percent to 30.1 percent.

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